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Ford Engine Exterior Dimensions

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Please accept my apologies. I know these numbers are available on the internet, but I just cannot find them so far. At my age, I do not like to spend more than a half hour searching on-line (lest my wife suspects me of watching porn.) I am interested in all Ford engines, not just the few I have listed; four's, V6's and V8's.


My first preference is just to find the website with these numbers. However if anyone has the values for one (or more) of the engines, please add them to this thread.

And the reason? Sort of thinking of upgrading an old Ranger pickup with modern power. 1984 and older vehicles are classified as "Classic/Antique Vehicles" and with my rating, it would be $136 per year for both registration and insurance.

I am leaning toward trying to find a manual transmission Lincoln LS V6 at the salvage yard (or Jaguar), but any of these would work at the right price (and availability.)

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