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What's Big Red? It's a circa 1965 1800 RPM Lincoln welder and generator. It doesn't get much use, but still runs great and is a good power source during outages. I think it's due for it's 50 year PM a little early. Maybe new plugs, wires, magneto inspection. The muffler has a few pinholes which I need to address. I also want to inspect the generator, brushes, and maybe lube the outboard support bearing. They don't build them like this today.












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Wow, the old 2 cyl Wisconsin. Cranking it is fun. :pat:


Both cyl go up and down together, so huge counterbalance, and heavy iron.

Last forever.


But when used on farm equpment most ran at 3600 rpm.


Congrats on a fine piece of equipment.



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Thanks! It does perform well-both welding and power. Probably has to do with the huge mass of rotor and oversized copper windings. I started reading about the magneto, and what could need attention. Pretty impressive piece of engineering. Amazing what it took to get the job done before you could just program it into a digital controller.

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