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Because we don't have very many of these up here, I am asking everyone, when they do their junkyard excursions, to check out the Porsche section, in particular the Porsche Cayenne (see photo below.)


Y'all seem to have connections we up here do not (of course, we do have plenty of one thing, namely mouths, but that is a whole other story.) What caught my eye, was the Porsche Cayenne headlight (at least this model) has a similar shape to the Generation IV Taurus headlight.

If anyone can score even a wrecked headlight, compare the critical dimensions and curves. Would they be close enough that a little cosmetic bodywork could make them fit? This would offer us a fantastic way for someone to obtain HID lighting for their Taurus.

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Gee, no one has any comments?


Here is the photo that inspired my curiosity. Yes the price for a pair is way above my budget (try close to $1700 for a pair), but if they fit, I can put another model on my watch list on the SGI Salvage site.


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OK, I suppose you could try cutting out the HID units/projectors and fabricate some kind of Gen 4 hybrid light using them, but that's a pretty rare and expensive item to get ahold of from junkyards. Especially from up in Canada vs. the US.

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At first glance, that headlight looked like a Taurus headlight.

Because all I have to work with is photographs, I cannot determine very much. From the photo above of just that headlight, how close is the left (hood) and top (fender) edge to matching the Taurus headlight edge? The bottom and right are fixed fender edges and could be cut/filled with bodywork to fit.

We used to "French" our headlights back in the old days; this would be much the same, just simple bodywork. In other words we could use, if we wanted to pay the price, HID's. Admittedly highly unlikely, but at least a possibility, if it fits.

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