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Not sure of what section of this forum this would fit under, so I posted it here. The first photograph is the handiwork of my friend Ed Drachenbergg. Ed is a machinist. Whenever I need a custom part, which is not available anywhere else, I know Ed can machine (turn, cut, thread) one for me.


His Ford Quadricycle replica is not true to the original. One very significant difference is the engine (completely scratch built). His engine is an Atkinson Cycle as compared to the Otto Cycle] on the original. Other differences include the wheels and the seat.

After the car was built, the engine would not run. So Ed loaded up the car and took it over to another local auto enthusiast, Kevin Therres. Kevin is well known as a phenomenal mechanic as well as the driver of a biodiesel jet dragster with a Mustang body. Considering there are no manuals included with those early cars, as well as the fact the engine is an Atkinson Cycle, meant Kevin had to tune it entirely by experimenting. The car now runs pretty good.


He also built, tuned and drives this jet powered Mustang. The biodiesel fuel is produced locally by another friend.


So from a replica of the first Ford to a 270 mph jet powered Mustang, my little hometown has a few things to put it on the map. This is just a small example of the abilities of my friends. My efforts obviously fall way short of theirs.

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