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Somebody was kind enough to use my wife's Audi wagon for bumper car practice last weekend while it was parked on the street. They pushed in the rear wheel arch a bit, scuffed the paint between the wheel and bumper, and whacked the mirror. New mirror glass on order($87), but I'm curious about PDR on the wheel arch. Anybody have this done, or even better, DIY'd this? Is it possible? I realize a picture would be nice, but I did not get a chance yet.

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Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the area to a point where its hot to touch, but before paint melts. Then, take a can of keyboard cleaner, turn it upside down, and spray the affected area. The difference in temperature will pull the metal out without ever actually touching it.

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That works on fairly thin metal without any real bends. Not so great on thicker metals. I have done some pdr, have a cheap pdr kit, etc. It's recommended to be used on cars 10 years old or less due to possibility of paint cracking, heat will help to lessen that chance. Watch YouTube for some videos, lots out there. Can make your own tools out of assorted things if you are creative. Biggest thing is to work slow and check your work with a line board and a light as you go.

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Here's a few pics:







Thanks to the 'magic' of a mandatory upgrade to Windows 8.1 I can no longer paste into this window! Linux to the rescue...again.

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