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Well, I Went And Did It Again, Another Ride....

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OK, I was really good when I had the 03 Red Wagon, that was the longest I had ever owned a car. Then I went and got Candy (2012 Taurus) and only a year later I traded her in on the Benz C300. In the meantime, I brought Lil Red home (1987 Porsche 924S). Well, I still have the Benz C300, that's my "winter ride" and also the family car. I had a lot of fun with the Porsche, but as I was warned, it was a big money pit. Not because of factory issues, but previous owner issues. Like any used car, you really don't usually have a good history and when its never driven and no paperwork, your taking a chance and that chance bit me big time. I had fun with Lil Red, and even got a show trophy with her, but the joy of Porsche ownership was slowly fading. The final straw was when she was hit by a piece of steel that fell off a truck. The resulting $2600 damage helped freshen up the paint work on the front and pushed my decision to try another ride.


So, I parted ways with my little Porsche and now have a new toy to play with, and to the applause of my co-workers I now have an American hot rod. I now have a C4 1985 Corvette, and she's far from stock. I am the 3rd owner, and she is originally from Tenn. The first owner installed a brand new crate LT1 350 C.I. motor in late '92 with an updated ECU & chip along with an upgraded transmission. The second owner had a complete tear down and GM dealer refinish and paint job to original factory quality. The car runs very strong, since almost all of the emission equipment has been tuned out of the ECU and removed from the car. Its breathing through a 58mm throttle body with tuned port injection and has a stainless magnaflow duel stainless exhaust out the back. The best part about this car, is I have documentation on almost everything ever done to this car, the stack of papers is bigger than a phone book.


So, now for the pictures......









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If you are going to post one of the best Corvettes made, you need to post more of that sexy beautiful dash, and all its operations :wub:


Ohhhh I love the early C4's. Good luck with the Vette!

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See more than a few of these at corvette only auto cross events with my old man. I'm blown away every time by how much rubber one can cram under that body without modification. Very cool buy.

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LMAO @ Brian.... Those Bloomington people have no idea what to expect with me around... :ohnoes:


njackson580... Yea, I love the options for wheels. I have the stock 16x8.5 rims now, but looking to go to 17x9.5 in the spring.


Double-neg..... Yea, I still miss the wagon and the things I did with it. I loved going to shows with something completely different. This is a real cop magnet too, loud and fast with some show..LOL


Kev.... I'll get you a pic of the dash in all its Christmas tree glory.. :icon_lol:   I added a few new pics up top, since I started cleaning the motor up today. Next weekend I attack the engine bay, it wont be a like the wagon, but it may eventually be close. LOL


Thanks everybody for the comments, I know im going to have some fun with this one.

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You have the same motor as my Camaro (97 Z28). You may want to see if the Optispark distributor has been updated. They forgot to properly vent the original design, and water pump leaks could cause moisture build up and failure. Other than that it's bulletproof, and lots of fun.

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:rofl2:   LMAO @ Red...... I cant fit anywhere near as much, but now that I only have to go to the corner to get my yuengling, I don't have to worry.  :drunk:


2000_gold.... Thanks i'll look into that. Im slowly getting stuff cleaned (to my standards..LOL) and figuring this ride out. Its been quite a while since ive had a chevy V8 to play with.  :drive:

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