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Leaving On A Jet Airplane...in 1 Week

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No free wifi?  Seriously Newark INTERNATIONAL airport?  


Lol! Safe travels! And of course! They need more money. :P

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Taxachusetts is nearby too I guess.


Anyways, I've landed, got to my hotel.  I slept enough on the plane that I don't think i'll sleep much overnight.  Next two days I get to go around Delhi and check things out.  Start to the office on Wednesday.


This place is VERY different from USA.  Very different.  But it is interesting to see Camrys and Accords around.  Every car has some kind of damage to it.  The cars lane split like motorcycles in California.  Bikes are known as motorcycles, cycles are known as bicycles.  Speed limit is really optional here.  Red lights are generally followed.  Saw some call girls waving from the side of the road.  Saw a man selling coconuts next to a brick wall.  Plenty more to report later.  Driving here is crazy.

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So far i've been ill three times.


1st) Got major flu + bonus 104F fever.  That was scary, genuinely.


2nd) Caught some stomach bug with violet umm...praying to porcelin gods


3rd) Had the worst case of loose stool I've ever encountered in my life...


Indian citizens must have cast iron stomachs.  I love the cuisine, love the culture.  But my stomach is sometimes saying while you enjoyed taste, I do not!  So I have to tone back the spices/flavors and general food consumption.


I got to ride in a 1st Gen Tata Nano.  They go pretty good for an 800cc engine.  LIGHT weight car.  Was shown why they had fire issues.  And they have AC available but with no provision for radio.  Battery under back seat.  Engine under rear cargo area.


I've visited cities of Agra (Taj Mahal), Shimla, Udaipur, Jaipur, and then Delhi/Noida for work.  I have shifted to Hyderabad for a week.  next week is vacation :)  Going to the state of Kerala along south west coast.  Coworker and his family are taking me.


My last week in Noida/Delhi are after that week, then fly back to USA...


Going to eat vegetarian only for a few days...after the 3rd time illness mentioned above that happened yesterday, I need to replenish vitamins/minerals.  Cipro is FANTASTIC medicine for this issue once it starts working.  Immodium doesn't do half of what it does.


Goign to lunch at Chutneys in a few...a vegetarian only restaurant that's famous in Hyderabad at the local Mall which looks like an upscale US mall.  Later!

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