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Shelbyracer78's 2002 Mercury Sable Ls Premium (Allison)

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I like those rounders They really make the car look a lot better. Now you better burn off whats left of the old tires with multiple neutral drops

I like it when I take my car for inspection or tires.   "What color is it?"   "Maroon" since I can't say Merlot, they wouldn't understand,   *tech writes "RED" on the sheet*

Good job mark! Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk

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4 hours ago, ShelbyRacer78 said:



Why can't my Vulcan sound like that?


Stupid Duratecs.



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Am I going to need to post a video of the SHO exhaust to put that Duratec back in its place.

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11 hours ago, Thub said:

Am I going to need to post a video of the SHO exhaust to put that Duratec back in its place.

Yes. Yes you do. 

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16 minutes ago, IanDMacDonald said:

I like those Mach 1 chin spoilers.  Where can I find one?

American Muscle, LMR, UPR, ebay. Google search for one lol. It does need some trimming after installation, but only where the lip end at the wheel well.  

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Put a nicer, newer, not rusty exhaust tip on the car. Vibrant performance stainless and polished. It is a weld on so I had to bust out the flux-core MIG welder. yxjfHeF.jpg

Very time I use the welder I think I get better 


On the car 

Also got a pair of 880 3000k HID bulbs to replace the 5000k bulbs I had before.


And! I got a pair of mustang MIL eliminators from LMR. Got rid of the P0420 code! 

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Got a proper trans temp gauge installed, and just got a pair of ford fusion fogs to retrofit into mine...




Got some H11 3000k hid bulbs for the fusion fogs. 

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I have been busy. I got the fusion fogs mounted and aimed. And even got some Volvo wheels I'm currently restoring. 



I went with 3000k bulbs again and now I have fog lights that you can really see down the road with. Now for the wheels, I got volvo sirona wheels. All 4 of them for $100, they have some curb rash on them but that doesn't scare me. 


They bolt right up to the car and even the center bore is the same! No need for centric rings! 


The Specs on them are 17x7.5 with a 45mm offset. I plan on getting a 225/50/17 tire on them when I can.



Here's an example of the curb rash I'm cleaning up. I went from that^


To that^ I followed the video ChrisFix on YouTube did for fixing alloy wheels. 


Here's another one


Now you'll see they have a "diamond" cut finish to them, that's not staying due to the curb rash fixing. Instead I'll be doing them metallic silver and the inserts will be a darker metallic grey. I really can't wait to get them on the car but I'm gonna be happier getting them the way I want them. 


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Wow its been awhile since I've posted anything in here...So here goes nothing lol. 

Last friday I was going some research on dynamat and looking to see if there were any cheaper alternatives to it and to my surprise there is! Aluminum Roll Flashing from either Home Depot or Lowe's. 095959062513.jpg

Works just like Dynamat just a sh*tton cheaper. 

Now I installed 2 rolls over that weekend on the sable. I first when for the back speakers and rear parcel shelf. rfMIIDU.jpg

After that was done i did the front 2 doors of the car where the other speaker live. That was roll one completed. 

The next day I went to my friend's house and I got the carpeting out to do the same thing to the floor of the car...


This is what I was presented with, when I got the carpeting out...


Rust... Just lots and lots of rust...Now I had both of my best friends telling me to fix it. So that's exactly what I did. We all ran back to my house for the welder and to the hardware store for more wire for said welder. 


Cleared out what we could of the rust and got started welding. 


Thankfully we already had some metal "in stock" to fix the hole my floor. 


Finished product in the end. Painted and welded in place.


Even put some of the flashing material on it too. I did the empty spots of bare metal on the floor of the car with the "Discount Dynamat" as i call it. 

Now with all of that work done about a week ago now. The interior of the car is MUCH quieter and the audio system sounds 100 times better than I ever thought it could. $40 for 2 rolls of the dynamat and I almost have Lincoln levels of interior quietness. 

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That's niiiice. I always wanted to Dynamat my car but the price turned me off. I would run out and buy the same stuff you did but the car is a rust bomb anymore and I can't justify spending money on it.

I'm jelly.

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Bla bla bla bla, volvo wheels, refinished 


bare metal



self etch primer


Filler primer and then wet sanded with 600 grit


did them all with a black base coat 


went with a graphite metallic 


got the volvo center caps wrapped in black with mystichrome lettering 

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Tab modded when i changed out my bad inner tie rods. Air hammering the passenger side spindle back up into place lead to it cracking and breaking. Along with tearing the CV axle boot making me need to replace it. Got a "new" spindle and replaced it. "New" spindle got the few month old timken hub and a new moog ball joint i had in stock. Took me less than 24 hours to do the job. 






Also soft modded the new spindle to let the strut slid up and down in the spindle easier. Will more than likely do the same to the driver's side when i replace that side's ball joint.

BTW, there's no dust shield for the rotor on the passenger side. Didn't survive the removal of the new spindle's OG hub 


Got a chance to take care of some little things when that stuff broke. I'm happy its all fixed now.


Car was slammed when it broke lol. I loved how low it was hahaha

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Those Volvo wheels turned out great. With the SVT center caps, you would think those were newer Ford wheels.

Maybe it might be worth undercoating the car to protect your replacement patches.

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