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Turn Signal Problem

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About a month ago I got an indication that my right-rear turn signal lamp was out (fast blink) on my 2004 Taurus.  As the car and outside temperature warmed, the signal returned to normal (regular blink).


Yesterday, I got an indication again that the right-rear signal lamp was out.  Because of what happened last time, I didn't pay that much attention to it at first - I assumed it would fix itself.  It didn't.


Today I replaced the bulb, but it is still not working.


Has anyone had this issue before?  What could be the problem?  How can it be fixed?

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Not sure if our problems are related, but when it gets to be really cold out, I get hyperblink or no blink at all sometimes, until the car warms up. I think my problem has something to do with the MFS, though, because I can get normal blink function back if I mess with the stalk a bit.

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Could be the mfs. At certain temps like just above freezing my wipers operate by themselves until it's warm in the car.

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