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Mobile-Ease Bluetooth Kit (With Or W/o Harness)

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I'm looking for the box, or module for the Mobile-Ease handsfree bluetooth kit that was a dealer option on a bunch of 04+ cars with CAN.


If you see any of these cars at a junkyard please check behind the radio or navigation unit for the mobile-ease module. There is an intermediate harness that plugs into the factory harness and sends some wires to the mobile-ease and the rest go into the radio.


It's a little black box. Part number I believe is: 7L2Z-19G399-A. It could possibly be this as well: 3W4Z-14B205-EA.


If the car you get it out of does not have a cassette player then please grab that intermediate harness too. It should just unclip. I can buy one for $30 though. Harness P/N is: 3W4Z-14A411-AA or similar. Base # is 3W4Z-14A411.


I may also need P/N: 3W4Z-19A383-AA. I'm not 100% sure what this part is for. It's the handsfree HMI so I think its the bluetooth antennae/module. I'm pretty sure since my car has a built in microphone and bluetooth into the mirror I only need the harness and module and nothing else.


Unfortunately since these were a dealer add-on they are probably pretty rare. I'm looking for one from a junked car though since for new ones Ford wants $400.....


It is only in NON-SYNC CARS!!!! If the car has the SYNC badge somewhere it doesn't have this for sure. Sync was released in 2008, and if the 2008 build is late enough it may have SYNC over this kit. Some did however have this option until 2012. All cars with NON-TOUCHSCREEN NAVIGATION will not have it either. Only cars with a standard radio or touchscreen navigation.


Cars that may have it:

2004-2007 Ford Freestar

2005-2007 Ford Focus

2005-2007 Ford Five Hundred/Freestyle/Mercury Montego

2005-2007 Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner

2005-2007 Ford Mustang

2003-2008 Lincoln Navigator

2004-2008 Ford Expedition

2007-2008 F-150

2006-2008 Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan

2006-2008 Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr

2005-2012 Ford Econoline (all)

2005-2008 Ford F250 350 450 550SD

2003-2006 Lincoln LS

2008 Ford Taurus/Taurus X/Mercury Sable

2007-2008 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX

2004-2008 Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer

2004-2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

2004-2012 Lincoln Town Car

(?)2004-2011 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis (not 100% sure if this had the option).


I'm willing to pay good money for this and the harness + shipping, so please find me one and get to pulling radios!


Here's a picture: T2eC16JHJGQE9noMZLvsBQykHU4m6w60_57_zps5


Looks like there may be a few harnesses needed so just grab anything you can.

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Contact Green Sales from this list. I've had good experiences buying parts from them for much less than Ford retail cost. Might as well search your other desired part numbers on the left toolbar, too.

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I'm waiting for Josh to get back to me to make sure I don't need the entire kit either. I don't think i do since I have the microphone already but we'll see on the install instructions from dealer connection on my car.


From reading an owners manual it looks like I do need the keypad too and possibly the microphone.


So just look for the entire kit people! You'll see the keypad. That means the rest is there.

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