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Adam's Polishes Review

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So of course most of you know me. I'm Sam!


Anyways, when Adam's first became a vendor on this forum I was lucky enough to get a free bottle of Adam's Detail spray.


The stuff smells like candy and really puts the shine on the outside of a car. It even is nice for cleaning the inside..... Really just a good top coat that makes everything shine really nicely. Doesn't seem to attract dust either.


Anyways about a week ago I finally placed an order for some more stuff. After talking to another TCCA member who has purchased their products after receiving the free bottle I ordered a bunch of different things.


I ordered:

-1 Gallon of Adam's Detail Spray

-Bottle of Adam's Total Interior Detailer

-Bottle of Adam's Waterless Wash

-Bottle of Adam's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

-Bottle of Adam's Super VRT Tire and Trim Dressing




On to the products:


Total Interior Detailer - Perfect for mostly clean interiors that just need a quick final cleaning. Make sure large amounts of dirt and crap are gone. Good for removing dust, fingerprints, and other small stuff.


The best thing it does is make surfaces look new. It works REALLY well on a black interior. On my 2008 with the light grey/beige interior you didn't really notice much of a difference - it just removed the dust and any grease. However on a black or dark interior it really gives it a nice matte finish that looks brand new. It did however make my woodgrain look brand new and so far it isn't collecting any dust which is rare. Usually when I clean it dust sticks like crazy to it within hours! It made the 2012 KIA Soul my girlfriend drives interior panels look brand new (black interior). It's not greasy, and leaves everything feeling NEW.


So not grease, matte, not shiny finish, and it smells soapy - but not a bad smell. Doesn't reek in your car or anything. I haven't found anything else that does the same thing yet.a



Waterless Wash:

This stuff is fantastic and I've only used it once. Shake well before you spray. It seems to separate some in the bottle.


So before scrolling down and looking the picture let me preface this. My car was last washed on 9/05 - the day I used waterless wash on the car for the first time.


I really should have taken before pictures. The car was decently dirty. Water spots from the drizzle from today, covered in dust, some light dirt on one side, and bird poop in 3 spots.


I started by spraying the bird poop. I literally watched it dissolve as I sprayed. Took one wipe to remove some of it completely. One piece was more stubborn and required a few wipes.


I then went one body panel at a time. Started with the hood, moved to fenders, doors, and the trunk. You spray the panel, then wipe lightly in straight swipes to remove dust and prevent micro swirls, then you flip the towel and buff to remove anything else.


Boy was I happy with the results. 1/4 bottle later and the car looks freshly detailed!




Keep in mind you should only use this with a car that has a decent wax on it. If you have never waxed your car or haven't done it in a LONG time then wax it first! This product prolongs the life of the wax.


I plan on using it every 5 days or so and washing the car when it truly needs it!


Great product, costs less than washing weekly, and makes things SHINE! I didn't even use the detail spray on top of it!



Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner:

Well I will report back when I get to try this to clean my horribly dirty carpet and drivers floor mat. We'll see how well it works for me!




I have not used this on my car yet but I used it on the black trim to the '04 Acura TSX. Here is a comparison to the treated and non-treated surfaces. It takes VERY little to do it. You need to use a foam applicator for the best result that uses the least amount of product. I have yet to see how long it lasts though. That will be the key.







Adam's products have a 110% Money back guarantee. Meaning if you don't like the product you send it back and receive 110% what you paid back. They will also buy you the product you used to use that you liked better.


Adam's products are EXPENSIVE compared to some other manufactures and products. Partially because everything is made in the USA. Nothing made in China. 


I personally think some other, less expensive products can be used in place of Adam's products and I will do so. I have yet to try even close to all of Adam's products, and hope to try more in the future and will report back on how they are!


As a college student I don't have a ton of expendable income. I choose to spend my detailing budget on Adam's Polishes because many of them are truly the best product for the job and no other company even comes close to doing what they can.


Are there any products anyone would like me to buy and try out? I'm willing to try new things on my next order!

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Here are some pictures of my detail I did last week of the exterior. It wasn't a complete detail, and I probably spent no more than 2 hours on it.


I started by getting the car washed. I'm not the person that washes the car by hand. I go to a decent car wash and it does a decent job for an OK price!


Next, I used a clay bar on the car. I purchased mothers clay bar kit to do this. Sprayed their detail spray on, then did the clay bar, then wiped it off. I did the hood and trunk twice because they were really bad. I did not do the plastic bumpers, but I should. I did the glass as well, especially the windshield since it streaks badly, but it didn't really seem to help.


After that I waxed it with Turtle Wax brand hard shell paste wax. This stuff is great. It's dirt cheap ($5-6 for a tub that has multiple uses), and really puts on a lasting shine. There is NOTHING better for that price range. I've used $20 waxes that don't do as good of a job or last as long. The only downside is its a lot of work. You put it on and let it dry (takes a few minutes). Be careful not to use too much, its just a waste. Rub it in and then when dry use a clean towel to get it off. Takes a lot of scrubbing to get it all off. Try not to get it on black plastic, its really hard to get out. Don't miss spots!


After finally removing all of the dried wax, I finished with a coat of adams detail spray. Boy it made the car nice and shiny and smelling good!


Lastly I put some armor all foam tire spray on the tires just because I happened to have a bottle of it someone gave me. Don't really like it but it worked for the moment.


On to the pictures!











All photos were taken with my iPhone 5 and downsized when uploaded to photo bucket. ONE photo was photoshopped and that is the picture that is of the car from the drivers front. I removed the scratches on the front bumper from someone scratching my car in a parking lot. Nothing else was modified.

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How long until there is a smear of white bird s**t right.... *points to middle of hood*... there? :ph34r:



First time I got my '97 washed under my ownership, I went to Target with my mom. Came out, and the car was COVERED in huge green-cream colored bird s**t. Apparently, the largest flock of landgulls in Minnesota lives on top of the Super Target by my house.

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I HATE Bird s**t with a passion!


I ALWAYS keep something in the car to clean it off. I don't keep the waterless wash in the car (I should though), but just a microfiber towel and bottle of something or other. Will spray and wipe as soon as I see it. Nick taught me that it's bad for the paint :) Thanks Nick!


My fellow employees laugh at me when they see me wiping my car off and always ask me to do theirs lol.


I did one time wipe down a co workers interior because it was so full of dust and grit. Just used some of the armor all cleaning wipes and wiped all of the surfaces off. SOOO much better and took less than 5 minutes and 2 wipes.

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I HATE Bird s**t with a passion!


I ALWAYS keep something in the car to clean it off. I don't keep the waterless wash in the car (I should though), but just a microfiber towel and bottle of something or other. Will spray and wipe as soon as I see it. Nick taught me that it's bad for the paint :) Thanks Nick!


When my dad's truck was less than a year old, a bird left about a 1" by 2" splatter dead center of the hood. It was months before the truck got washed, and when it did, there was a 1" by 2" spot of clearly damaged paint right there. <_<

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This is a good review of Adam's products, but I have to disagree with your contention that Adam's is expensive. After using Adam's for many years, I have discovered the following: 1.) Adam's is much easier to apply and remove than most other products so it saves a lot of elbow grease. 2.) After your first detail with Adam's, you use a lot less product to do your vehicle than anything I have tried, hence it lasts longer and goes further, making the initial cost lower because of using less product per application.

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