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Taurus And Taurus Stuff For Sale

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Greetings.  The time has come, where I am parting with my beloved Taurus, and a lot of the fiddly bits that were a part of her.


Items for Sale:


-SHO Source Underdrive pulley and Underdog Racing alternator Overdrive Pulley, with pre-owned belt included for sizing reference. $120 shipped, OBO.




-Billet aluminum Duratec MAF adapter for 96-03 Duratec.  Includes sensor housing.  $50 Shipped, OBO




Other random goodies include:


-Brand new Mach 1 front Lip (no hardware) - $50 + shipping


-OEM SE and SEL woodgrain center dash trim (tan interior) - Name your price


-Complete set of seats, cloth, tan, folding rear seat.  Good condition - Name your price.  Would need to work out shipping.


-Front calipers and brackets for 2000 Taurus - Name your price



The car itself:


2000 Ford Taurus, SE FFV.  Located in Houston, TX.  $ 2,800 OBO.


Miles: 181,500

Ex. Color: Chestnut Brown Metallic

Int. Color: Medium Parchment (tan)


Recent maintenance items:

- New a/c system, 170k miles (5/2011)

- HD rebuilt trans, done at 176k miles (6/2012)

- New magnaflow catted y-pipe (8/2013)

- Oil change done at 180k


Exterior Upgrades:

-Centennial replica headlights

-OEM Centennial Tail lights

-Volvo Hydra wheels

-OEM rear spoiler

-SHO exhaust w/ magnaflow mufflers


Interior Upgrades:

-98 Limited leather seating

-JBL stereo w/ mach speakers and JBL sub

-03 Sable White face gauges

-PIE aux input


Suspension/Brake upgrades:

-2001 Mustang GT front brakes

-97 SHO rear brakes w/ new calipers (6/2012)

-97 SHO rear struts and springs

-KYB front struts and oem springs

-22mm SHO rear sway bar

-Aluminum Subframe bushings


Engine Upgrades:

-Morana 1.7:1 Rocker arms

-Ported lower intake manifold

-01 composite upper manifold

-Ported exhaust manifolds

-Ported/halfshafted stock TB


The bads:

-Roof has a small amount of fade from living in the sun all of it's life.  Waxes up pretty well. 

-Occasional suspension creak/clunk (I think it's the swaybar end links or bushings), but drives great. 

-Drivers door ajar sensor is disconnected due to being worn out, and making the light stay on. 


(front lip not included)





If you have any questions, feel free to message or email me.  I may post some more parts for sale, depending on how some pending sales go.  I hope to hear from y'all!

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Mark, I'm not sure if you still have that extra lip, but looks like with some persuasion, you may have a buyer...



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