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Here are two interesting machines up for grabs (not by me - too rich for my budget). Both are 2012 Ford Taurus SHO's with turbos and all wheel drive.

The first is a white Taurus SHO with damage on the front and right and only 61854 kilometres (or 38434 miles) with a reserve bid of $5000. Any takers?


The second one (imagine that, two Taurus SHO's wrecked in the same week) is a black model, also damage to the front. This one has a bit more under its belt at 97023 kilometres (or 60287 miles). Reserve bid on this one is $4500.


I did not take the photos, these are straight from the SGI website. If you want more information, click on either image for the details. There are more photos and a detailed repair sheet. And seriously, if someone wants either one, just wire me the money. Ya really want it, yes you do. Your eyes are getting sleepy. Wire your money to a complete stranger in Canada.

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Can we start calling those "Takata marks"?  

The Fusion rear seat is no worse than the VW CC, I'm 5'10" and fit just fine, my friend who is 6'2" also fit just fine. Although our heads were close to the roof it wasn't uncomfortable. I think some

Tore into the front carpets on a Volvo V70 a weekend ago and found something similar...the floor was covered in quarters...split it with my friend.  Covered junkyard entry fee for the next few months!

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Holy smokes. I did not see that coming. Here I thought the reserves for these two was way too high, only to see both sold for in excess of $5300 each. Who knew? I was waiting for the reserve to drop to around $1000 and then we might make an honest car out of my stock wagon. FYI, and FWIW, the white SHO went for $5323.99 and the black SHO went for $5321.98 at this time. I suspect maybe it was the same bidder on both cars, in which case one of them may be back next week.

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Latest update. Looks like I called that one. The black SHO is up for re-bid.

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Seen at the JY today. This is the one I got my MACH speakers and RCU from.

But rockers are optional. Knock the remains in with a hammer and a bit of rattle can paint and this one could be at the local "buy here pay here" lot.

But I got another sun load sensor/autolamp. $1 so big buy of the day.

'00 Sable pic with a grille set yesterday, grille gone today.



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Bringing this thread back up because why not? Also, the Augusta Pull-A-Part delivered


This is a Kia something or another that looks like it got painted in house paint. The texture and amount of runs in the paint was ridiculous and amazing considering myself and a few friends had seen it beating around for a few years.




Delicioso interior.



BTW, those seats do not have seat covers on them. It almost appeared someone tried to dye, paint, or color them with a marker. :D Everything else in the interior, however, was indeed painted.



Needless to say, I don't think painting a car like this will ever increase the resell value, granted if it had any left to start with.

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Found this Merkur today. I'm fairly sure it was the one I had seen a few months ago driving around until one day I drove by and saw it on the shoulder with its hazards on and no one around. I also think it had been listed on Craigslist at some crack head price and no one would touch it. Looks like it finally got donated and sold off.


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Had a pretty good day at the junk yard this afternoon, lots of good Ford products to choose from and some good Subaru donors, even a rare Baja. I gave that Baja a good once over and its a neat little "truck".  The rear seats fold down and a portal big enough for a person to fit though opens up into the bed. Everything is also a nice rugged plastic, including the back of the rear seats. Rear legroom is similar to that of its Outback brother.  The interior was a little fancier than most Subaru's of the era and featured two tone black and dark gray perforated leather with "Baja" stamped into the seat back.  This one was just a NA 2.5L but I bet the turbo model would a very cool vehicle.  No physical damage so it probably blew its head gaskets and the owner wasn't loving the $2000 repair bill.


Some other rare pick and pull scores I saw were an ~07 King Ranch F250, a 08 Lariat F150 Crew, and several 06+ Fusions. 


Then I found this.  The worst I've seen in a junk yard to date, driver was clearly seriously injured.  2008+ Focus.  Passengers side B pillar was well past the half way point.  Every airbag this car had deployed.  Good thing there was no passenger in this car because they would have been killed.




Steering wheel is pushed toward the drivers side, as was the interior instrument cluster.







Always one Gen 1 car present, Sable GS later MY since it had a drivers airbag.  I nabbed the IMRC box from the Duratec Sable to the right and a water pump tensioner from a 2.5L Contour behind that Gen 3 Sable, assuming both will be good spare parts for the SHO.



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The strangest cars wind up in my junkyard. Here's an 1982 Ford EXP.



After having found this one, this will be the second EXP I've seen in person. This also marks the first time I can say I've seen both generations of EXP personally. I saw a newer one some time ago stored away in a run down state in a parking lot.

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One of my Uncles (dads brother) owned an LN7 for a period of time. I remember my dad saying he didn't really like it that much and that's what kinda swayed him to choose the Tempo Sport GL. Although by the second generation the EXP looked pretty similar to the Tempo Coupe.

My dad's side of the family owned a lot of different 80's Fords. 4 boys growing up on and living on a farm lead to a lot of variety in vehicles.

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