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Topic Finder is a Work In Progress, and always will be... But for now I'll post an early build for now. Continually working on it, so if you see anything that should be updated, added, revised, wrong, please PM me, TaurusKev to have me fix it. 
Please do not PM myself or Devin for help or questions regarding a topic. Please reply to the topic with a question, or start a new thread on the forum so everyone can help.
Quick Etiquette in regards to replying to topics:
When replying to topics, please attempt to keep repair or howto topics... On Topic. There is an Off Topic section on TSOC for messing around. This helps new users find information or veteran users quickly find answers.
Quick Reference to Taurus and Sable generation years:
Gen 1 refers to 1986 - 1991
Gen 2 refers to 1992 - 1995
Gen 3 refers to 1996 - 1999
Gen 4 refers to 2000 - 2007 Gen 4.5 will refer to the refresh for 2004 - 2007 models
Gen 5 refers to 2008 - 2009
Gen 6 refers to 2010 and current
General Taurus/Sable Information:
Towing with a Taurus/Sable
Where was my Taurus or Sable originally sold in which market?
Remote Keyless Entry Programming
Ford Keying System - How does it work? Ignition, door, and trunk key information
Get your 1996 and up Ford Lincoln Mercury owners manuals here!
Find out how much your vehicle weighs


Determine what type of light bulb is needed for any make or model (External Site from Sylvania)
Maintenance/Repair and Service tips and Howtos
  - Audio
         How to service and repair your power antenna
         Power Antenna wiring pinouts for Gen 3 and 4
         Can I Install Microsoft Sync/MyFord Touch to my Gen 1-5? No, you cannot
  - Brakes
         How to change your brake pads on your Taurus or Sable
 - Electrical
         Electrical pig tail connector information
         Enable or Disable Auto Locks on Ford/Mercury vehicles, applies to Gen 1 - 6 Gen 1 and 2 require Keypad Entry


         Troubleshoot and pinpoint Cruise Control issues with Gen 1 and Gen 2 system
- Engine Related
         Losing Coolant? Overheating? Possible Radiator cap failure
         What is the proper antifreeze for my car?
         Steam coming from the engine bay? Here's a possible list of causes... And what to check for
         Intake Silencer Removal


         Replacing your Gen 1/Gen 2's Distributor How-To - Useful for those who have issues with car that starts fine in cold, but hard to start when engine has warmed up.


         Troubleshooting TFI-IV (Distributor related) Modules for Gen 1/Gen2. Also useful for all Fords with TFI.
  - Duratec Specific
         Duratec Recall for throttle
         Tips to making replacing your Duratec Alternator easy

              -- Adding to that to replace the Duratec Alternator with pictures

                  -- Video howto without dropping subframe, removing halfshaft, or any thing but alternator

  - Vulcan Specific
         Vulcan vacuum leak at intake manifold runner (04-07) – Symptoms: Hard starting when cold, surging or erratic idle, and hesitation on acceleration
         Cheap way to restore power on 96 to 07 by replacing your Torque Strut
         My Vulcan is making a chirping sound while it is running, almost like a belt squeak, but it is closer to the transmission. This is bad, it's your camshaft synchronizer -- Replace it with Motorcraft Only if you care about your engine lasting
 - Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning Repair:
         Gen 3 and Gen 4 Heater Core replacement
         How to swap from Standard Controls to Electrical (EATC) for Gen 4/4.5's, Gen 3's may be similar
         How to get the A/C Clutch from spinning when trying to remove it, for cheap
  - Interior
         Black disgusting ooze from my parking brake
         How to adjust the column shift indicator
         How to install power adjustable pedals in to your Gen 4 (This might work in Gen 3's)
         Removing SJB/GEM -- AKA: Fuse Box from Gen 4's
         Can I replace my middle seat in my Gen 3/4 with a console, but without a floor shift? Well yes, you can. It's the fleet center console
         Water Leaking into your trunk? Give this fix a shot.
         How to tell if a seatbelt pre-tensioner has been deployed. Here's a comparison in this thread.
         How to tell on 1986 - 1995 if your subframe recall has been performed or not.
         My 86-89 Taurus/Sable steering wheel squeaks when I turn it, what can I do? Clean the wheel contacts!
  - Exterior
         Will 2004-2007 Tail Lights fit on my 2000-2003 Taurus? Yes, yes it will.
         Adding Amber Turn Signal lights on 2004-2007 Style Tail Lamps
            Additional write up information here with a template.
         Adding export market folding mirrors (Or Australian Mirrors) to a Gen 3/4 Taurus
         Door Mirror circuit with puddle lamp diagram
         Rattling from the hatch, here's a quick fix
         Hood latch seem to stick? Hard to close? Perhaps it's time to clean it up, and it's not all that hard
  - Suspension
         My car sags toward the rear on 96-07, what can I do? You suffer from SAS, Or Saggy [email protected]# Syndrome
  - Transmission
         What transmission cooler should I get?
  - Electrical Misc
         Upgrading the performance of your lights
         How to enable (or disable) the factory perimeter alarm for Gen 4/4.5 Taurus
         Disable PATS (Spoiler, this requires a working PATS key)
         How to access Ford PID's with a Scan Tool (Works for cars with CAN BUS, so Gen 4.5+)
         Where can I find an entry point for a Gen 4.5 from my engine bay into my cabin?

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