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Parting Out 99 Sable Ls

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I have a 99 Sable LS with 218k miles on it. Lots of parts I dont need and would like to move them. Lots of parts spoken for too already. I will include a list of spoken for parts and you can let me know if you need something not listed! Just make me an offer on stuff.

Spoken for items:

All exterior body parts, lights, and glass

-tan leather seats (might have 90k mile cloth seats available)

-cruise switches

-all woodgrain trim

-multifunction switch



-cooling fans

-coil pack

-visors (have a driver 97 tan visor though)

-glove box latch

-gauge cluster

some of the parts that i can think of that are good and available

-eatc components

-tan floor mats, full set

-headlamp switch, auto lamp

-tan interior trim pieces

-seat belts

-engine components (cam covers, intakes, injectors, etc.)and sensors

-cooling hoses

-coolant tank

-3 waterpumps (one low mile, receipt for this one listing it at $57)

-ash tray insert (non smoker)

-2 96-98 Taurus GL rims with caps, one spare cap as well

-front brake calipers

-shifter (column) with O/D off botton

-dash vents

-dome light

some newer parts that i have records for (prices listed are prices on reciepts, not my asking price, please make offer)

-reman starter installed at 190k $139.79 on reciept from advanced

-waterpump inlet hose from Ford dealer listed $203 Installed before 190k not sure by how much, looks clean yet (this might be spoken for depending on what happens to my 97)

-updated crank pulley Autovalue $62 Installed before 190k

-heavy duty greasable end links $82 Installed before 190k the one I can see is tight but both dust boots are gone, assume same of the other

-belt tensioner $50 installed at 202k

-bank one sensor two oxygen sensor acdelco brand $52 installed 218k

-I dont have records for the rear struts but I was told they came from a 99 sho with 55k on it. Not sure at what mileage they were installed, no sag on this ride.

some parts missing or damaged/worn or not optioned

-steering wheel

-drivers front suspension and axle

-no mach

-no rear disc

-no abs

-maf sensor

-engine threw a rod

-spare tire

-no sunroof

-one rim

I will add/change things as I come across them or remember them. Please make an offer on any of the stuff I listed and/or anything I didnt list as spoken for!! I can get pictures of any of this stuff and many things are already pulled from the car and ready to be shipped off! Dont hesitate as a lot of this stuff will be going to the junkyard in a few weeks except maybe some of the smaller things!!

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This gone to FULL part out now! Tails, doors, wiring, electronics, body color rocker covers! It all must go! Car is going to the scrap yard last week of this month!

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Gen 3 style. Car was completely stock except for a tranny cooler which is being saved

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This car should be leaving next week! so speak now if you want anything!!

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Parts to pull for storage or future sale.

I don't need them any more, but you could pull the front and rear sway Bar brackets. Gen 4s seek those out like buzzards. With their R&R bars. Hit with steel brush and Paint 'em black.

Pull the knee bolster off and reclaim the ODB2 bracket for a Gen 4 looking for foot well lights. Gen 4 decontented.

Glovebox handle, and door. I think that used a real hinge instead of folded plastic, again Gen 4 seek these out. The handle/Latch can be re-pined to a different key. A Locking Glovebox is the best.

Pull the GEM, CJB, and RAP, I think. They many have integrated the remote Anti-theft Personality into the GEM by then.

Save any M6 x 1.0 bolt you come across. They see used all over and and are great replacements to have on hand.

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Most of that stuff i have stuffed in a box already. most of the smaller stuff at least. I grabbed the glove box hinge and handle, i have a large bucket of bolts form this car already haha. I plan to remove sensors, alt, trans, rear struts, and a few other major things, plus any smaller things you guys need at all

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Car is gone, I still have body color rocker covers, starter, trunk switch, football (eatc), found I have two good gen 4 front coil springs, one gen 3 front strut assembly, front brake calipers, side mirrors, ignition tumbler and keys, dash vents, dome lights, 2 water pumps, and that expensive waterpump inlet hose. thats about all i have left

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