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I Want A New Lawn Mower......

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OK, for those that don't know, 2 years ago I sold off my house & moved into a condo so I didn't have to worry about yard work or repairs anymore. Since then, I have loved the freedom of not having to do these things and have more free time for myself & things I like to do. Well, after seeing this article today, I want a house with a huge yard and a new lawn mower.......... http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/honda-fire-spitting-lawnmower-speeds-130-mph-145902373.html

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:blink::o:ph34r: I want one! Who cares if my lawn can be done in 15 minutes with a push mower? That thing kicks some serious grass!! that last bit was borrowed from a comment on Yahoo!

I would probably ride it to and from work though. That would be awesome on the interstate! I've actually been considering building one of my own just for that purpose (just not so crazy.) Screw motorcycles I wanna ride a lawn mower around! That would get some stares!

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I love that it uses a Morris Minor steering rack. It might be 70 years old, but you can't deny the pure feel and positive action of unassisted rack and pinion steering.

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