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So here goes. I want to pursue upgrading to the THX system in the Lincoln MKtauruS. Wanted peoples inputs on this! Thread is also on TCCA. In theory my nav SHOULD automatically know the THX system is hooked up and be able to utilize it no problem. If not, I will have to have a Ford dealer program it for a Lincoln MKS (not toooooo pricy).

First thing: PLEASE! Keep an eye out for a 2009 Lincoln MKS in your junkyards! Not sure if later years will work. I know its super hard to find, but if you do, please grab everything from it!

The system has a TOTAL of 17 speakers. That is if you include the tweeter in a two way speaker as a second speaker.

I will NOT be using the stock THX subwoofer. I'm not sure what the output of the THX subwoofer amp is, but I will probably use the preamp signal from the THX unit to the THX sub amp and send that to a separate sub amp and install a single 10" woofer. I want higher SPL bass, but I don't need something as extreme as my old system (not to mention the space it took up)

See the diagrams here:



So we have:

-2 Front Door Speakers

-4 Rear Door Speakers (Two 2 way speakers)

-2 A-Pillar Tweeters

-2 Dash Tweeters

-3 Center Channel Speakers (found the whole unit on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/...c422819&vxp=mtr )

-2 Rear Deck (parcel shelf) Speakers

-2 Subwoofers

THX DSP is a MUST for that many speakers! Holy cow!

For starters I'm going to just try and get the THX box to work with the setup I have now (4 door speakers and two 6x9 subwoofers). THEN I'll modify and add the extra channels and make it TRUE Lincoln THX sound.

Parts I need to do the complete swap(going to list P/N as I get them):

-Lincoln THX Unit

-Lincoln Center Channel Unit with THX Badge and 3 Speakers

-Two 6x9 Speakers

-Two 1 way 6x8 speakers

-4 Tweeters

-Subwoofer (To be decided on what exactly I get)

-One LOC (If I cant get the sub preamp signal)

-MANY Feet of copper wire

-MANY Feet of 14/16ga speaker wire

-Assorted electrical connectors and fuses

Okay.... So there are a FEW things that I have questions about for you Audiophiles out there!

1. Tweeters. Should I just get a set of component speakers for the front doors and use the tweeters with them for the dash/a-pillars? If not, should I get the THX tweeters or buy aftermarket ones?

2. Speakers. For the 6x9's, should I get the Lincoln speakers or just get a decent set of aftermarket 2 ways?

3. Subwoofer. What do you think is my best option? A single, strategically placed 10" sub? Twin 10" subs? Or just stick my dual 12" ported box in there. It just takes up so much space! Other options? Just want higher SPL bass than the current twin 6x9 setup (50w RMS sent to each I think). Also with a better frequency response (higher frequencies suck with the current 6x9's).

Anyone notice anything I'm missing or not taking into account?

The mechanics behind wiring it up are simple. I have to create my own harnesses and run A LOT of wires. The amplifier is in the trunk with the THX box. So I will have to run wires from the THX box to the nav unit. Then I will have to run speaker wire from ALL of the speakers to the trunk to the THX box. Currently I *BELIEVE* my amplifier is built into the Nav unit but I'm not 100% sure. So the setup is fairly simple, it will just be time consuming!

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You won't see an MKS in a pull a part yard for another 5-8 years, and in the high end yards you will pay a small fortune for those parts. You will also be rolled over on Ebay for stuff like that.

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Well I did see a 2009 Milan in a pull a part yard...... so anything is possible!

I've found the THX amp for $150 on eBay already... not that bad. Thats why I'm even considering it.

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Do you know how many MKS's are sold each year...Good luck.

Right now ford sells maybe 60-70 thousand Taurus's a year, so maybe 15-20 thousand MKS's if that.

Ok so I found a figure that says about ~12,000 last year.

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Yeah, I'm in no hurry.

I'm actually thinking about doing this a little differently. I want to stick something like this between my two 6x9's http://www.crutchfield.com/p_2064CWD82/Kicker-40CWD82.html

With a 200w RMS amp that should be plenty of bass SPL for me!

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One thing I heard from a Ford Tech, the audio systems in these cars rely on the CANBUS network to operate. So, it is possible, untested or unverified, if you take the audio system with a car with a Lincoln VIN, and stick it into a car with a Mercury VIN, it may not turn on.

I do know when I attempted to use a Lincoln Stereo & Components in a Ford Escape with the right CANBUS network, the stereo would not even attempt to fire on. But when I sold it on ebay, the guy shoved it into a Lincoln and it worked great.

So, use caution on this.

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Unrelated to Ford, but in a Chrysler vehicle, the radios update per brand. I bought a touchscreen MyGIG radio from a Chrysler Aspen and when it turned on it showed a Chrysler logo. The next bootup sequence, it updated to a Dodge logo. Thought that was pretty awesome.

Also, I don't know if Fords CAN bus is the same way, but for a Chrysler, if you add something to the CAN bus that wasn't there from the factory, it has to be programmed in to work. You need to add the sales code to the VIN in order for the CAN bus to "see" it as a valid device. I have my autostick, steering wheel controls, fog lamp switch, and compass module for the cluster all plugged in, and none work because they're seen as "foreign" devices, and the CAN bus doesn't know what to do with them.

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