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Dev Mode/restrictions Removal For 06-09 Nav Systems

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So I was messing around and found out how to put the Nav module into Developer mode. Once you put it in this mode once it will be enabled every time you start the car.

It's pretty simple:

1. Hit the hard 'Nav' button on the right side of the unit.

2. Go to your address book and choose any already saved address you have (Pick one you don't use often. If you don't have one, make any random one).

3. Tap 'Name', then in the name type "F-DEVELOP ON". Make sure to put a space between DEVELOP and ON.

4. Then before backing out of anything, push down on the spot between the word Address in the top left and the Name button a bit below it. Should be a gray area. If you have done this correctly after a second it should go to the map. You have successfully entered developer mode if you get to this step!

5. Click the hard Menu button on the left side of the unit then go to the security tab. Push down in the bottom right hand corner (no button, just gray). You should now be in the developer menu!

6. To turn off restrictions while driving you must click "Driving Restrictions Release". It will turn to "Driving Restrictions Stop". Done!

NOTE: You must complete steps 5 and 6 every time you start the car. You can do this while moving.

All that being said, I found some interesting menu options. My 08 nav produced in July 2007 was a pre-sync equipped model. So It has the 'PHONE' button, but that button does absolutely nothing. If you have an earlier model from a 500 you will have a mute button there. They redesigned the entire nav in 12/08 and ended up redoing the whole system since they added a USB port and a few other hard buttons as well as changed the steering wheel controls. Non SYNC equipped models from 12/08 and later could be equipped with SYNC by adding the correct module and button pad (dealer installed).

So anyways, in the developer menu there are interesting paramaters like your vehicle speed, your ge force turn meter, a way to change what brand of vehicle the nav displays (Mercury, Lincoln, Mazda, Ford), and many other options. One I found interesting was 'Palate Change'. It give you options to change the colors of the nav system. I changed my font text to blue. However when I cycled the key it did not save the blue. It had an option to 'Save to PC card', but that was blacked out. I removed the entire unit and saw no where external to put any kind of card in (besides CD's of course on the front).

Anyone have ideas on that?

Some Pics of radio removal even though it isn't quite relevant!





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