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I went to the county Fair tonight, for the opening night Demo Derby, and guess what was in the first heat, car 27............ de0094f4-9e70-430e-96f8-3071db8a039c_zps1d32ab25.jpg Sorry to say, the first hit from that '78 Town Car took the rear bumper cover right off. The bull lasted to finish 3rd at least, the Grand Marq blew his trans trying to keep the pedal floored and shift between F & R..... At least the Taurus put up a valiant fight before its trans gave out, the back end was completely over the rear wheels when it died......

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My favorite bad parking note is "They way you pulled in makes me wish your dad had pulled out". I've never used it, but I know people that have lol. 

This is TSOC, not TCCA. Youre not a dictator here! Anyways... You are allowed to have your car in the picture, so long as it is not the only one. Another wild untamed bull must be in the photo.

*writes that insult down for future use*

Posted Images


SHO from a few weeks ago


Spotted today


Don't think I posted this from the junkyard. Dont want to start a new thread for it. Entire body was shifted, but looks like the car did it's job.

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Wow amazing the wheel snapped off like that!

I have been neglecting this thread. My finds:





My co-workers bull. 240k miles, has been through hell and back. No joke. Original motor and trans, but TONS of motor work has been done. null_zps2b03639c.jpg

City of webster groves has two tauruses. This is one. null_zps806b5827.jpg They also have an LX.

A nice EcoBoost cop... null_zps429f1023.jpg

Went on a walk around the block and saw 3 bulls:





Friends gen 3. Piece of junk but it runs. image-5_zps5ae95cb4.jpeg


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Been holding some pics for a while...


Found two Gen 4s when I was on break at work: one SE FFV and an SES Duratec with spoiler, leather, and floor shifter


Closer look. I later found out my team lead drives the Duratec, lol

Finally got to look at an SHO up close last week, and touch it!! :icon_horns2:


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While in Maryland, saw this 1999 SE Duratec Wagon in Silver Frost. This was the crab cake platter wagon apparently.


On the way back, had a really clean 2000/01 LX following us. Little ol' lady driving it... although she had heavy shoes or something cause she was driving 15 over the limit at times. The car was absolutely mint. No dings. No rust. Too bad it is an LX though... saw it had the classic welfare steering wheel without cruise.


Completed a line of bulls at wallyworld. They were both beat. The closer one was a 2001 SES Vulcan, and the other was a 2002 SE.


A better look at the 02 SE. Beat :( Sad.


Lucky to grab a shot of this one as the guy was leaving my store. This last one I saw around the area every so often. Always wondered if he was an enthusiast. I found out he is not. He walked in and needed an OBDII scan at work. So as I am walking out, there is a chevy truck, and a jeep. I ask, "What you driving?" and he replied with, "A Piece of Sh*t Ford Taurus." That really hurt. Haha What Taurus enthusiast wants to hear that? Once I passed the jeep, you could see this merlot 2006 SE with the body kit and stripes. He made sure I knew he just bought it like that, and that he would never do anything like that to a Taurus. I told him about TCCA for the info to help him with his codes, but I know he has no interest in the car. He just wants to get rid of it. Real beat inside.. the guy smokes. Plus it is a very basic SE... not even a fold down rear seat or power driver seat.


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YA the 'park bench' is factory defiantly not rice. A EVO would eat the new SHO for breakfast without hesitation...

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YA the 'park bench' is factory defiantly not rice. A EVO would eat the new SHO for breakfast without hesitation...


The park bench may be factory. That doesn't make it non-rice. The park bench from the factory makes it rice. The car from the factory is near rice already with no options!


I agree they do sound like a misfiring lawnmower.


Back on topic, I didn't get a pic but I saw a GORGEOUS '13 Limited in the gorgeous red today. The red grille looked awesome.

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No pics because I was driving in traffic, but I saw a metallic blue 2013 SHO. With the optional "Daisy of Death" wheels. :D I really like that design, FWIW.

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Thank you I know so many EVO owners and none of them sound like lawnmowers....they also hate rice with a bloody passion.....

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