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The End Of An Era.......


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Well, I never thought this would happen, it all went down fast and un-expected. I still cant believe this has happened. Things have not been the same since I lost the Red Wagon last year. Yes, Candy (2012 SEL) tried to step up to the expectations and fun I had with the wagon, but sadly it just didn't feel the same. I have had wandering eyes these last few months and I have been looking at others. I think my problem was I was trying to replace the fun I had with the wagon and putting that responsibility on Candy. But I am sad to say that the passion just wasn't there with Candy, I bought parts that never were put to use on her. I really think that it was just the memory of the wagon that got between Candy & myself. So, you may ask where this is leading??? Well I had to go to the dealer on Tuesday to check out some parts for my wifes car and sitting there off to the side was something that called to me....... I ended up talking to the salesman about this beauty sitting by herself and the next thing you know I was caressing her steering wheel and enjoying the feel of another............... So, just 13 months after Candy came into my life, we parted ways. The dealer was happy to take Candy, and offered just short of the balance due on Candy. We had some good times, but they just didn't match up to the memory I thought she would overcome. I have now moved to a whole new level, someplace I never thought I would go. So let me introduce you to my newest addition. C2_zps9ab99dd3.jpg C1_zpsa9eaeb15.jpg C3_zps36c47754.jpg This is my new addition, a 2011 Mercedes C300 4matic Sport Edition, 20k miles and loaded with more gadgets than I ever thought possible in a car. She is a dark blue metallic with saddle tan interior, 3.0L V6, 7 speed automatic all wheel drive. With the deals going on right now for factory certified pre owned cars I received 100k / 5 year factory warranty and 1.7% interest. Even though I no longer have a Taurus, I will still be here to offer advice and to just hang with some very good friends I have made over the years. There will be more pictures when the weather breaks here in Northern Ohio.

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Nice Benz!

Hey, I haven't had a Taurus in awhile, but I still hang around. Offer what advice I can, or offer help if someone is local. One day I wouldn't mind getting another Taurus, and who knows, perhaps one day you'll find a better Taurus, for dirt cheap, that you can play around with as a project :)

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oooh, nice Benz!

And I kinda know what you mean about not having a bull anymore. I've been looking at other options myself lately as the current ride is having issues pile up that I don't have the money to fix. If I trade I could get something else but what if that has issues too.....

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Thanks guys. I'm not saying i'll never have another Taurus, heck, if the right wagon became available you never know what I may do. I think the biggest issue I had, was when I bought Candy, she wasn't a wagon. Even though there are some beautiful Taurus sedans out there, its just not my style. I tried to get Candy dressed up and get excited about it, but it never happed. I do plan on hanging around and you never know, I may show up at an event here and there like before. I've got to many friends here to just leave cuz I don't have a bull anymore. :drive:

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