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An Observation Of Rice Burner Operators.


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OK, so now that I have Lil Red I have been getting a lot of attention from the younger set when the car is parked. :icon_horns2: They all think its cool, but not know what it is and ask a lot of questions. Like most motorheads i'll talk with any of them about her. When they hear her start up, there eyes open even more since she does have a good rumble to her. Whats fun is when driving and I come along side a ricer, they always seem to back down and let Lil Red go. I have cought up to a few already and pulled alongside on the freeway. When I do this and make eye contact, they always back down. I just laugh that these kids think they have a little rice rocket, but then an old guy in a 25 year old 4 cyl challenges them, they run and hide. :icon_lol::rofl: I guess they just don't know what is under the hood of Lil Red. Yes, she has a strong family heritage of race wins, but she is only a 4 cyl and older than most of the ricer drivers. Lil Red is fast for a 4 cyl, but not a rocket, where she stands out is once she is moving and her handling. I just cant wait for summer now to see how much fun I can have. :drive:

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