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Papousaidonlyford's 2003 Sable Gs

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my stepmom has those on her gen 4. ive driven it and they seem alright. Didnt notice anything out of the ordinary driving it.

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Been a crazy couple of weeks, in the middle of moving due to the fact that ill be off to college soon. On the bright side i found that i can pack alot of stuff into my Sable. 


So I think my front speakers are starting to go, sound crackling if i turn it up too much.


Broke one of the spokes on my grill, so ill have to get a new one of those.


ABS light comes and goes


overdue for an oil change


weather stripping around windshield pops up around the corners


needs cleaned, inside and out


The needs of the sable have been put on hold until football playoffs end, and i'm into my new house, and get a job to pay for all the wants and needs of the Sable....




Also was there a recall for the cam shaft syncro? I got something in the mail about but don't remember what it was for exactly... Oh and it's the PIE FRDW that i'll want to get for my ipod correct?




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Looks like i had the last ride in the Sable yesterday. Was waiting at a red light, hit the gas to go and didn't move. Got it towed and the shop thinks its the transmission. They also said that something was letting coolant gush everywhere and that a ball joint and a tie rod needs replacing. Estimate is 3-5 thousand.
Best financial decision is to replace it, 7 months until college and i wouldn't have been taking the Sable with me. Sable had almost 170k miles on it, and wasn't maintained well from 0 - 150. I'm going to get some stuff from it on Monday and then she'll be taken away. I wanted to find another Sable or Taurus to replace it but the place is owned by a family friend and their giving us a deal to good to pass up on a 05 Impala with 80k miles. 
I've got the rubber winter sable floor mats, avs visors, and wireless keypad ill be selling.
Stuck in traffic

Waiting for the tow:




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Sad day. 170,000 is respectable, though.


170,000 is defiantly respectable, I see tons of Taurus/Sables in junkyards with 120,000 or less.

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170,000 is defiantly respectable, I see tons of Taurus/Sables in junkyards with 120,000 or less.

They usually show signs of abuse as I have seen.



Well less than 100K on this SHO.


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Obviously I'd love another bull but the impala seems like it will be fun, and its rust free. I think it has the 3.8l v6 so a bit more oomphm than the Vulcan. Rust on my passenger side was getting bad and I don't want to even think what the floor boards looked like.

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Those are famous for LIM gasket failures IIRC.


Once it is fixed it is usually a solid motor, set aside a few hundred to have the job done properly and it should be decent.

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And don't forget trans issues from a failed pressure control solenoid. You have to remove the trans to fix and then only 400-500 more to rebuild entire transmission. My 04 Impala exhibited issues at 65-70k miles bc of it....so beware! I bought my 04 new too and It was never ran hard.

www.naioa.com is a great resource for w body GM cars


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