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What What, In The Butt


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Patient stated he passed out drunk at a party and was having some discomfort. Walked in.

First person to identify the number of objects within the rectum gets a cookie. The first one is a gimme, but what else can you find? First image is x-ray, second image is CT scan (knife appears black, seen on edge).



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What the f**k!? How the hell could that be 'some discomfort'? By the time my intestine stretches that far (gas, not foreign objects) i'm in so much pain I curl up in a ball! And how did that knife not slice him?

One more reason not to pass out drunk around your peers.

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I think he knew what was going on. Ever watch that movie jacka**? They shoved a toy car up Ryan Dunn's butt. They knew what was going on, cause they thought it'd be funny. Which, to watch, it was funny. And they used the exact excuse you were told :lol:

Is one of the items mace?

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Oooooouchhhh... That looks painful 

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Story was he was at his brothers house, sat on the couch, and SURPRISE! I didn't ask why he was naked on his brother's couch or why a glass ***** was on the couch. Anyway, off to surgery. He'll get a colostomy bag until his colon heals.

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You know... I've sat on a ton of things in my life. Never once did they end up in my butt.



My aunt used to be a nurse over in Chicago. She did the night shift. Once she had a guy with the glass Mrs. Butterworth bottle up his rear. I remember seeing it and laughing how you can easily tell it was Mrs. Butterworth, and she had to explain that weird people do weird things such as shove syrup bottles in their rectums. To this day I laugh hysterically at that. :lol:

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One of my favorites was a guy who tried using a 40oz malt liquor bottle to masturbate. Once erect and inside, he couldn't get it off. Combination of tight fit and vacuum. The ER Dr on duty was a younger attractive blond female. She told the patient the only way to get the bottle off was to break it, releasing vacuum. He freaked out. She kept feeding his anxiety. I keep a tool box in the radiology dept with basic tools. I brought her a hammer. She tapped on the glass bottle a couple times. He's screaming "NOOO!!" She says "Ok, on 3. 3 (tap)...2 (tap)....1..." Dude passes out in fear. ***** goes flaccid, bottle slides off. She says "I was hoping that would happen" and walks out.

Sounds like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but trust me, truth is stranger than fiction.

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LOLOLOLOL  ohhh that was funny to read Luke and Kevin.  Excellent stories.

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All the sex toys out there on the market and people are using Mrs Butterworth and beer bottles ? 

The humiliation isn't limited to just the guys. Watch a couple episodes of "Sex Sent Me to the ER".  

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Had a husband and wife come in once... late 40s, early 50s. Wife had a severe headache following intercourse. I performed a CT scan of her brain. Spontaneous subdural hemorrhage (popped a blood vessel, bleeding in her brain) increasing the pressure in her cranium.


He literally ****** her brains out.

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