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Transfer Case Repair

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I know this has nothing to do with our vehicles but I came across these pictures after cleaning out a memory card, and it is closing in on 1 year since this repair.

When I purchased the explorer I began to go through the fluids, even the 2 quarts in the transfercase. About 3 months after a drain and refill of the T case I noticed transmission fluid in the driveway after using the 4x4 all night during a winter storm. Long story short I over torqued the flared drain plug and over time the composite(I believe this one is magnesium) T Case casing cracked. I found out the torque spec on the plug was 10 ft-lbs, well with a 3/8 ratchet that is achieved pretty quick.

After researching my options I came up with sealing the crack by using RTV sealant. After completly drying and cleaning the area with brake cleaner for the best seal. I put the plug back in loosly with RTV around it and then proceeded to cover the entire area

Here it is, and a year later its still holding strong. I think this repair was worth sharing, it was a good lesson for me and I probably will never forget it. I think my main problem was assuming a higher torque since the rear diff 3/4" drain plug was torqued in so hard, little did I know that that plug was not tappered.

And Yes the Transfer case shift motor skid plate is cracked, I guess it served it purpose.




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