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Its Official Now, Set In My New Job.


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Well, as most of you know, back in March I started my new job, as a Mechanical Maint Tech / Millwright at U.S. Steel in Lorain Ohio. I have been putting in a ton of hours since then, just to get through my probation time of 1040 work hours (finished that in early June) and then I had to start the companies apprenticeship program, normally a 24 month program. Well, with my previous job skills and how wellI scored on the original employment test, I was able to first try and just take all the tests for the program. Agian with how well I scored on these tests, all I had to do was become certified in welding (SMAW - stick / arc welding). Well, after 3 weeks into the 5 week course, I decided to give my certification tests a try, and this morning I passed both. Now I have officially completed the program in less than 8 months and I am a certified U.S. Steel Millwright. So now I can relax, enjoy my new career title and start to find some free time again.

So you may start seeing me around here more often and come spring time youll see some new mods to Candy & Lil Red, you may even see me at some shows or events in the spring too.

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Thanks guys. It just feels good to accomplish something like this.

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Now maybe you can come to that shining Great Lakes garden spot... Gary, Indiana. :ph34r:

LMAO....... Ah yes, one of the more interesting industrial cities........ That is our biggest mill in the Country, and our oldest.

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