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Last Flight Of The Endeavor

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NASA putting the Shuttle program to bed.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor lifted off this morning on its last mission. Going west to a museum on the back of its famous 747 carrier.

I remember seeing that carrier lifting off for the first time with the first Shuttle and was so amazed and proud. A bittersweet moment in American history, this last flight.

Godspeed, Endeavor.



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I got to witness the piggyback Shuttle land and take off during an air show at Bergstrom Air Force Base as a kid. I was in awe.

One of the very few times I missed school due to an illness happened to be the same day of the Challenger tragedy. I watched it on live TV. My childhood bedroom had a 14' wallpaper mural of Discovery. I was visiting family in East Texas when Columbia disintegrated overhead.

Bittersweet. I'm anxious to see what's next.

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It's been amazing to see these four retired orbiters (including the Enterprise) being relocated around the US for their final spots in some of the best aerospace history museums that our country has.

Not that long ago, I had a customer who called in at the office where I work. Turns out that he was a crew member for one of the later shuttle missions (STS-132). Damn, was I thrilled to get a chance to speak to one of those folks firsthand. biggrin.gif

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