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Hunger Games

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I read the book last year, it wasn't too bad. I just finished watching the movie and to be honest it sucked. The film was utterly terrible and the only way They could have made it less like the book is if they had link and pikachu Duke it out. One thing I did like was Lawrence. Sexy as hell. Did anyone else feel the same? Like the 7.4 the film got was completely undeserved.

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I read the book, then saw the movie.... I'd recommend watching the movie then reading the book.

I didn't think the movie was terrible. I felt it was a fair representation of the book, although there were some blatant mistakes. The movie was good, not great... and eleventybillion times better than any of the Twilight movies.

Jennifer Lawrence will go far. Check out Winter's Bone. I saw previews for her next movie Silver Lining's Playbook. JIMP... that is all.

The second book is similar to the first. It's a simple read, but it can be hard to put down. The author puts a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter.

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I've only read the first one but have been meaning to get to the rest. Was The 2nd good?

I really liked the second one.

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