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Guest Jay144

Dry Oatmeal.

F*CK!,,,,,Hot water.....F*CK!

(If you listen to Howard Stern regularly, you'll know what this is all about....)

Actually, I was trying to download a .gif, but I can't get it done. Is there a trick to it??

Got it working...check above!!

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Hmmph hmmph. f**k! Dry Oatmeal. I swear I wish George was on Howard's show more often. :lol:

Try right clicking it? View image? Then save it from there? Some webpages hide the image by a ghost image, if you really want the gif, gimme the site and I'll get it for you :P

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Haha, I have the other version of this GIF, where it does happen :P

However, I think that'd be appropriate for BullChat NSFW. :P

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