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I'm Still Kicking!

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I know, I know, I should have checked in sooner.

But I have been incredibly busy storm chasing. Which is what I came to tell you guys about! First, it's nothing like the TV show, although I have met a team FROM the TV show. I have also been crazy busy taking all the training, both online and in person that I can get my hands on.

I have acheived a technical certification in Basic Severe Weather Forecasting, and taken classes on Mesoanalysis, and Radar and Satellite Interpretation, as well as a bunch of fundamental stuff.

And, I have chased. Oh, my god, have I chased. Been on 5 chases so far just this season, and gone a whole lot of miles, and even spotted my first tornado....something I honestly didn't expect to do my first year.

You can read all about it, and see my pictures, and some videos (there's a great one of me punching a core in the truck) at my blog:

Mid America Storm Chasing


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Glad to hear you haven't been blown away!

+1 :rofl2:

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