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Is it wrong for me to have a sense of genuine satisfaction after watching that vid?

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Is it wrong for me to have a sense of genuine satisfaction after watching that vid?


I really enjoyed the slow motion replay with the "nooooooo!" in the background. laugh.gif

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That's an E46-family BMW M3, in case you haven't seen the backstory on Jalopnik yet. The dumbass kid had just gotten his license, and decided to head out in the desert with his GoPro... because that usually ends so well. unsure.gifrolleyes.gif

Look at his posture and weird side to side moves while navigating the curves. You know that what little driving skill he actually has probably came from sitting in front of a video game console. laugh.gif

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Got to take the boss's kart for a ride today. It looks slow in the video (probably a lot to do with recording from the turn - whoops) but it was running close to 40mph before the turns, and there was still some left. The turn I was standing at is flat and pretty bumpy, so all 4 tires would be bouncing. Pretty cool - especially since it's older than me lol

The boss gave us 2 rules:

#1 - Don't hit the wall.

#2 - If you hit the wall, you'd better run like hell.

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