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Sean T.

Taurusaurus Rex For C O T M August 2012!

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A quick note from the Admin at Taurus and Sable Owners' Club:

Just to let everyone know since we do have quite a few newer members, I want to be clear on how to run for Car of the Month:

You'll need to go down to the "Car of the Month" subforum.

Create a NEW thread for your car, and your car alone. That thread IS your entry.

Entries are accepted the 1st through 20th of the month, with voting the 21st through 30th.

You'll need a few pictures of your car, a list of modifications, and any other info about your car!

Please consider the Official Rules: http://www.taurusown...our-submission/

A dinosaur of a car, it's Taurusaurus Rex!

(More extensively, Taurusaurus Rex Limited Northwoods GL Faux-SHO)

Say it in Sweedish. It's fun!

1997 Taurus GL

Light Saddle Clearcoat Metallic

139,000 I believe, not sure on exact number....?

My Dad got it from my Grandma in 2006 with 22,000 miles, had been garage kept and never in an accident. There's a lot of stories behind this car, countless accidents and mods most of the members who've been around since before TSOC can attest to!

Loads and loads of pictures, a list of current mods, and an attached build sheet:


Gen 4 Sable Silver Faced Gauges (thanks Devin!)

1999 Silver Gauge Surround

Gen 4 Floorshift Console with Sport Graphite Shifter Surround

Gen 4 Dual Visors with Dimmable Lights (thanks Gerry!)

Retractable Front and Rear Grab Handles (thanks Dad!)

Gen 1 Windstar Shifter (thanks Dave!)

Chrome MFS cap, door pulls, dash trim

98/99 Tweeter Covers

Gen 4 Driver Footrest

Gen 4 Door Seals (black vs. stock color-keyed)

Rear Seat Fold-Down Armrest OEM

Interior Lighting

Interior Lights Replaced with Blue LEDs

Blue 5-LED Units Mounted Under Seats

Map lights replaced with LEDs

Gen 4 Trunk Lights with LEDs

GNTX-208 Autodim/Compass Mirror with LED Map Lights (thanks Devin!)

Audio & Electronics

Metra Dash (Headunit/Football) Kit

Alpine CDM-7871 Headunit w/MP3 Input Cable

Scangauge II


OEM SHO Appearance Package

~~ SHO Front and Rear Bumpers

~~ Color-Keyed Rear Lightbar

~~ Color-Keyed Rear SPOILER! WOOT!

~~ Color-Keyed Washer-fluid Nozzles

~~ Aerodynamic Autobahn Windshield Wiper

Toreador Red Front Valance and SHO Sideskirts

Heavy Black Mesh Grille

Gen 4 16" Sport Alloy Rims (Originally on Dave's LX! Thanks!)

Gen 4 Mirrors with (Gen 3 Script) Heated Glass (Anthony's original housings! Thanks!)

35% Tint All-Around (Thanks Dad!)

Smoked Ventvisors and Rear Plate Cover

Custom Rebadging on Trunk, Bumper, Doors (Thanks to Mike? for the X!)

Gen 2- Style "TAURUS"-badged Mudflaps

U-Haul Class II Trailer Hitch (thanks Dad!)

Graphite Fender Stripes to match door badging

Exterior Lighting

1999 Headlights with Black Housings (thanks Dad!)

98/99 Crystal Front Turn Signals with Silverstars

Amber "Turn Signal" DRL System w/Manual Override

OEM-Style Clear Front Sidemarkers w/ Amber LEDs

98/99 All-Red Taillights

Semi-Repeating Rear Turn Signals

LED-Strip 3rd Brake Light on Trunk

Performance / Under The Hood

K&N Performance Air Filter

86 (Two-note) and 89 (Two more notes) Taurus Horns

Aluminum Space-Saver Spare

Eleventy-Billion Remote Clickers (thanks Anthony!) (And thanks Devin for the Mustang keyfob!)



























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Oooooooh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

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Guest Jay144

I love that rare, yet highly desirable compass/clock/whatever that third thing is addition above the HVAC controls. That really makes the interior!!!

That may be the thing to make me vote for Rex......a cash bribe wouldn't hurt, either!!

Edited by Jay144

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Hahahah Jay, that's longlong gone! That's a pic from when I first installed the radio. Sorry to dissapoint you!

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Guest Jay144

That's OK...I'm used to being disappointed...I've been married for 35 years!

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That is the most hillbilly Taurus I'd ever vote for. Good luck!

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I don't know.... it looks stock to me! :)

I like it. Good luck.

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Lookin good Sean!! :thumbs:

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Good luck! Gen 3's FTW!

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