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Bought Another Taurus ... A V8 Sho!

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It's not the 1st gen ATX/AXOD. Every one I've ever seen grenades around 120k.

lets face it i'm not laying down stripes of rubber either. it's all about how you treat your car. i'm anal about the oil changes too.

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Y'all can keep your Vulcan boat anchors. It takes a real man to rebuild a SHO.

Bye. Good riddance. er, uh... sorry to see you go!

*AHEM* Do you see that title in red under my username? I move to the front of line automatically. Step aside, mister.

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Since there's welding to talk about, I'll come out of the lurker closet...

That's why I'm hoping I can find a precision welder that can use the instructions on V8sho.com.

The best way to do this is with a TIG machine... If the cams stay in the car for the welding, I would avoid wire welding the cams at all costs. I've done enough clean-up in the fab shop to see small bits of wire spatter end up in all sorts of strange places.

To drive the oil out, heat the cam up with a propane/acetylene torch, make the oil sweat out of the pores of the metal. Then clean it off with a solvent, lacquer thinner or carb cleaner... But whatever you do don't use brake cleaner (unless you want to kill your hired welder!)

Any welder with a ticket can do this, it's a breeze compared to all-position pipe. I wish I had a set of cams to play with, I would take them to school and show you exactly what I'm talking about!

Any other welding questions, I'm only a PM away...


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My welder used the torch to help clean them out, didn't work... And non chlorinated brake cleaner works just fine.

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You SHO and Duratec guys may have the horsepower bragging rights, but at least my Vulcan doesn't require Unobtainium Alloy parts to stay running! laugh.gifph34r.gif

What's that chirping noise ...

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1336413890[/url]' post='45903']

What's that chirping noise ...

Sounds kind of like a bad accessory pulley on a 4.0L I6 Jeep Cherokee.


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Well I found some head gaskets. RCM Auto has them, so does eBay. Not cheap, anywhere from $300-450 to my front door for both of them.

I got a quote for having the two cylinder heads cleaned up, have the valves adjusted & shimmed, and somewhat set for reinstall: $1000 add another $125 to have all 4 welded.

The cylinder head bolts are under the shafts, so camshafts have to be removed to take off the head bolts from what I'm told.

Headbolts I found at $6/pop. I need 10.

Then I still will have to figure out the timing cover gaskets (3 of them are needed), valve cover gasket, upper/lower intake gaskets, spark plug well gaskets, crank seals too. It would seem foolish to me to leave them alone unless some of these are reuseable. Found that the oil cooler is dripping fluid, oil dripping all down the oil filter. So need to figure out what the leak is there. Oil pan is damp but not dripping oil. So not sure if bolts need to be snugged up or what.

>>>As a side note, working on the Vulcan has allowed me to gain a lot of appreciation for the simplicity, durability and design of it...especially when I am looking at this SHO.

Sounds like your trying to build a car starting with the ashtray :lol:. No worries though, I've been there and done that :blush:.

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