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1997 Taurus GL 3.0 engine. Grandson's car. Thieves took the center dash console. I am trying to get it back on the road again. I found a replacement at the salvage yard. But, it is out of a 1996 Taurus GL. I don't remember what the origianal radio looked like, so I am not positive this is a direct replacement. The new one is a simple AM FM Cassette. All of the original wiring hooks up OK, EXCEPT, there is no antenna receptacle on the radio. I found another bundle of wires without any plug on the end tucked in the hole. One wire is the antenna (I think). Then there are eight more wires: green/black, green, purple, black/purple, gray, gray/black, white, white/black. I can not find a bundle like this on any of the wiring pages in the Chilton Book. I will try to attach a photo with the extra wires hanging out the bottom.

I "think" I need a good schematic and would like a Ford Wire Color Chart so I could have some idea what these extra wires are for. Another clue: None of the instrument functions work except the tachometer. So, I suspect these wires may be from the instrument panel?? They go in that direction, but it is so tight, I can't see where they terminate. The circulating fan, AC, Vent, Defroster, and Temp Mixture function now work, which controls are also on this center console.

Thanks for any help, Joe


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He had his own cd player installed in the car didn't he.

The wiring schematic you are describing to me is typical of an aftermarket wiring harness for the speakers on a cdplayer. That wiring harness runs under the carpet and into the trunk where it plugs into the factory harness for the speakers. You will have find the original Radio control unit in the trunk and plug the factory amplifier back in. It is here that the antenna cord is. You will need to plug it back in to the factory amplifier.

The harness with the green/grey black wires etc, will be ignored. There should be another harness in there that plugs into the radio. If you have already found this then don't worry about it. The next step is to reconnect everything in the trunk.

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Here is a picture of what I am talking about. See the two black plugs for the factory wiring harness, and the antenna plug on the right.

The part you are installing right now that you think is the radio is just a controller.

The guts that make it work are in the trunk.

When you install an aftermarket cd player, this unit is bypassed. You have to run a long wiring harness from the new cd player to the trunk to tie into the existing wiring for the car's speakers, and power. You also run a long antenna cable to do the same.

Hope this helps.


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