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What Have You Done To Your Other Vehicle Lately?

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Some of you may know, but I bought a vanity plate from Arkansas for my truck.  It took a while to get, but finally got it!  Truck Norris is official!  Also, I decided to do a projector headlamp conversion on it as well.  After buying some OE style DEPO CAPA headlamp units, I purchased a conversion harness that was supposed to make them work.  It didn’t.  After more research I reached out to retroshop.us to inquire about their harness.  They assured me that it would make my lamps function as factory so I dropped the $160 for their harness.  It indeed worked!  Now, I have factory projector lamps with integrated LED front turn signals.  All in all, including the harness that didn’t work, I spent just shy of $400 to get this done.  More than I wanted, but I’m okay with that.  If I ever find a deal on some nice OEM units then I will snag those up to swap with the DEPO lamps.  They seem to be pretty good quality though.  Also, added a nice AFE weld on polished stainless tip out back to finish it off.  Truck has 6400 miles on it and still doing well.  Only down side, I found a few mismatched hardware bolts and a couple broken headlamp aiming spacers that the body shop reinstalled instead of replacing/using the correct bolts.  I ordered all new bolts and spacers direct from Chrysler and put that back like it should be. Rest of repair looked undetectable to me and I looked it over pretty hard while it was apart.  That’s about all I got.  







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Work day today for the '97. The brake shudder came back, so I went ahead and decided to see if replacing the brake hardware will eliminate it. Parts fixed/replaced: New calipers on both si

The only trouble is if either of you try showing down on the street no one will think you're racing, just attempting to briskly accelerate.

More mods! Found the part number for the OEM black Charger emblem, so I did a swap. Yes yes, I could have plastidipped it, but this was just as cheap, and won't peel over time.

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Been working on everything over the last few weeks...


Pulled the carpet out of the D-150 and patched up the floor. I've got a whole A/C system ready for install since none of the old R-12 equipment plays with the aftermarket replacement parts. Had the QuadraJet rebuilt by a co-worker. If I can get the interior buttoned up soon, it'll be time to get the mechanical bits fixed and see about getting a TorqueFlite working again.


Marquis needed the front brakes replaced. Old pads wore unevenly despite no sticking slide pins or other caliper trouble. Cut the rotors and tossed in a new set of pads, now the stops are nice and smooth. That said, I used the Colony Park to go to the parts store to cut the rotors and when I came back the exhaust let go pulling into the driveway.


The H-pipe had cracked on the crossover. When i unbolted the downpipe, everything came crashing down. Luckily I knew this was coming and planned ahead...

Manifolds swapped to headers.


Mustang 2.5" Downpipes.


2.5" Pontiac Parisienne mufflers.


Nick had come down and helped with the intermediate pipe and muffler install. My luck with exhaust work usually ain't great, but we managed to get about 80% completion of the system. I've just got to figure out the over-the-axle section work.

Otherwise, there's a notable improvement compared to the stock 2" system, even with all the extra holes it was developing in many of the pipes. :D

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