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What Have You Done To Your Other Vehicle Lately?

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2015 Mustang just rolled 36k miles, and got an oil change. I also mounted a new rear spoiler on the trunklid. 

1989 Mustang just got a full performance rebuild on its AOD transmission. I’m picking it up from the shop tomorrow morning. 


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On 4/22/2019 at 7:46 PM, Angrod said:

Two Thursdays ago I changed the oil "early" in the Fiesta. It was deep amber after only 5000 miles. The last two changes went for 7-8000 miles before the oil was that color. Either the engine was dirty inside or Valvoline is crap.

Valvoline is crap. Lol. Valvolines racing oil is okay though


brian - coyote? 

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The F150s moonroof/sunroof took a crap on me. The plastic track guides cracked and exploded all over when I tried to open the window last week. It got suck open so I was forced to make an emergency repair. After researching the job and finding out it is a major undertaking I ordered the replacement parts from the Sunroof Doctor. I wasn't going to pay $1000 or more to someone to fix this when I knew I could handle it, just super time consuming. 

Step 1. Tear the entire interior apart to drop the headliner...took about 1.5 hours

Step 2. Get a helper and drop the track/tray assembly that is bolted to the roof. Given the size of the F150 and the huge window this piece was huge and not easy to remove from the truck. Alot of people said to remove the passenger seat and sub woofer but I left both in to save time and maybe yelled a few more curse words in order to pull the assembly out... about 45 mins.

Step 3. Disassembly the track and tray assembly and clean and prep for new parts...1 hour

Step 4. Install new parts, grease, reassemble, and manually test the track and adjust...1 hour

Step 5. Get my buddy to help me reinstall the track assembly in the truck and bolt up...30 min

Step 6. Hook everything backup, double check everything, and reinstall interior parts...1.5 hours

Step 7. Test sun roof and make adjustments to track and glass alignment for final fit...30 min 

Step 8. Clean interior of the truck since it was a total mess from the job...30 min

That made for over a 7 hour job, probably closer to 8 with breaks and other screwing around. All spread out over 3 days. Easy to see why this is a +$1000 repair when it takes a full day of labor.


I didn't take many pictures since I was in total "get the job done" mode.

Here's one with the headliner dropped and the track/tray assembly removed. You can see the massive side curtain airbags covering the entire cab.


Here's the track and tray assembly removed from the truck. I had just drilled the rivets out holding the back portion on when this picture was taken, explaining all the metal shavings.



Otherwise the truck has been doing great. I towed 6000 lbs a few weeks ago from Madison to Green Bay and it drove excellent. With a heavy wind on my tail and towing that load I got upwards of 20mpg. (Empty 2200 lb trailer into the wind got me 14 mpg)

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Over the last week I've torn the Buick back down and replaced the water pump, main drive tensioner(including installing the upgraded aluminum elbow), fixed the fuel pump ballast resistor, added a new thermostat, replaced the pcv valve, replaced the idle air control valve, and mass air flow sensor and I recharged the AC.  The car runs like brand new now and has had ice cold AC all week so far!  My Impala sat for two years and leaked all the freon out, but has been good for three years now so I'm hoping this Buick will be the same.  I have removed three of the four door panels to facilitate changing the window regulators so that the windows will work, but more importantly stay up without the need to use duct tape.  I'm almost ready to register it and give it a shake down drive.  Still needs a lot to be nice, but it's coming along.  Sadly, I found rot under the rear door in the rocker.  It was not just surface rust.  I now have a 5" long hole in the door opening reveal.  I'm scared to look behind the plastic rocker cover because I already know what I'm going to find. This car came from Missouri so it's not surprising really.  Oh well, just a little more work to do!  I'm already committed.



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My Fox body convertible had a lock actuator and plastic speaker grilles on the doors that were broken, so I got those replaced today. The weather has been mild enough to go out and enjoy cruising in this car with the top down for most of the past week too. 

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