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Hello. All: I posted this on Escape-City.com as i have seen actual FORD employes post there. Seems silly not to post this here too.


I am reaching out to any and all ford Experts that reside here. I am in need of someone that may work for Ford Motor Company. I thought I new everything about Securilock ™. This is fords PATS (Passive AntiTheft System) I think I maybe wrong.

I am having an issue with programming a new additional key for my 2003 for Taurus. This uses FoMoCo's new 40bit key that was introduced in most vehicle models around 2000-2001. They are labeled as the 4D(63) keys. These key heads are considerably smaller than those of earlier generation PATS keys. I was sold this vehicle 2nd hand with 1 working key. I bought 2 keys from eBay. I paid a Ford dealer $85(less then local locksmiths) to reprogram the 1st key, and one of the spares. I was then able to perform the owner key programming procedure for the additional key. I have since lost one of the keys, and have programmed one more. I have at hand 3 working keys. I am having a issue programming another key. I am able to successfully start the vehicle with all three keys separately. I have however failed to program a few keys successfully. I now wish to program a 556s bypass module for a remote starter. It will not program. I also can not program any additional keys. When I attempt to do so, the THEFT light will produce a rapid flash, which to me, indicates a failed program. (2 blinks per second) I don't think that its a failing PATS module, as all the existing keys will work 9 times out of 10. I know the new keys do work, as i just programmed one of them for my wife's, Mercury mariner. One other thing, i have experimented with the ford IKT transponder keys. These keys that Integrate a fob in the head of a key. I have successfully programmed one of my wife's IKTs to my 2003 Taurus. It does work, if you remove the key way shroud.

Is there a limit to the number of keys that can be programmed?

I have read 8 is the total. No-one ever talks about what happens when that limit is reached. Do older keys fall off? or does it forbid new keys from getting programmed?

I would prefer to not take this to a dealer and pay an additional $90 to wipe out all old keys, and start over.

Thanks for all that have taken the time to read this post.

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