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I recently pulled a trunk lid liner out of a car and added it to my own car...which really dresses it up nicely.

For those that have done the same, how have you dealt with the glowing emergency release pull? The slot for it in the liner is about a foot from where the pull is on my trunk.

I also took the longer pull cord from the donor car thinking I'd be able to swap it out.

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Well, I took a sharp object and made a hole in the correct spot... ;)

Well...that's the simple answer...which is the way I have it right now. Has anybody tried lengthening the pull so it fits through the slot?

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Who would want the child safety release? I mean... You don't want your victims to be able to pop the trunk now, do you? :lol:

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Well, I don't wanna give any ideas... But I figure... Get rid of a few people, and gain a moderator spot! :lol:

Never, ever get tricked into getting inside this man's trunk. ph34r.gif- Brian
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I finally had a cooler free day that I could work on the emergency pull.

I unbolted the trunk latch, removed the short pull and replaced it with the longer pull that came with the liner (the pull slides through a notch in the latch that makes swapping very easy). This actually turned out to be much simpler than I thought it would and took only about 20 minutes.

Now I have the trunk lid liner and the emergency pull in the liner slot...the way it was supposed to be.



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