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The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

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I was stopped, for the first time ever, rather recently. Turns out the officer made a typo when he ran my plate and thought the car might have been stolen. No problem, we were both courteous and the whole thing only took about 5 minutes.

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Starting a new business with an old friend. He currently owns and operates a small auto repair shop in south Austin. His current location is too small to meet demand so he has been wanting to expand.

Finally looking at a job "upgrade", at least for me. Got a conditional job offer from O'Reilly Auto Parts making considerably more than what I do now at Zaxby's with the added potential of being able

Its a rental car, remember it gets the piss beat out of it... Don't be gentle its a rental.

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These last 2 weeks and next week I have been traveling a lot for work, as its site to site I'm not flying.

So I've been renting vehicles, I had one for two days for a jaunt around Atlanta which was a 2017 BMW X3 with 28k on it. I had that one for 500 miles and 4 days. The second one was a 2017 4WD Suburban with 40k on it.

The X3 had decent tech, Apple CarPlay (done with Bluetooth), the twin-scroll 4 Cylinder and RWD. I was initially excited to get it. There was some decent pickup, and the transmission was great one it got moving. However, stop and go was terrible. The first-second shift bucked which got old in 3 hours of ATL traffic. The car never stopped dinging, and the bluetooth driver crashed which caused the navigation and the music (small in the grand scheme) to stop. The car creaked and the sunroof rattled. I was SUPER disappointed. I was SO happy to give it back.

The 4WD Suburban I had for 7 days and 1800 miles. It was a couch on wheels and massive, I loved it. Apple CarPlay as well, but it used USB and it never faltered. It went over the mountains, down an accidental mud pit thanks to a wrong turn, and was super comfortable. Never once felt terrified driving it, and in the wet I could get it sideways and hold it there easily. I was very impressed with the build quality and the drivability. It was a fantastic car, I really enjoyed it.

However, i was very happy to get back to my 4Runner. I pick up my next rental tomorrow. Lets see what they give me!

Here is an album of the two cars and my various dealings with them. https://imgur.com/a/cwzo6

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The new truck for my group at work arrived today.

With exception of the less than attractive aluminum cap my company chooses to equip all of our trucks with it looks very sharp.

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4 Crew Cab long box. So this is the biggest Tacoma you can get, and let me say the rear leg room is no better than a small car.

My group is just excited that we were able to get a smaller truck. The company apparently cross shopped the Tacoma and the Colorado and Toyota delivered a better price for the options. Its all setup already with nice little micro leds in the grill and the nice Whelen top led strobe




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Pulled this beast about 400 or so miles yesterday.

Yes it is absolutely at the limit of what the F150 can handle without a weight distribution hitch but the Ecoboost pulled that 8000lb trailer with ease. I definitely would have preferred to pull this trailer with a 3/4 ton truck, that extra front end weight of the bigger truck would have made the drive more comfortable.

In this picture I just had the trailer jack off the ground so the full weight of the empty trailer is on the truck.



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Got a set of trim rings. They haven’t been touched in a while, decided to clean them in the sink. Well, I flipped one over to clean the retaining ring area and a live, angry scorpion fell out. Saw another pair of pinchers sticking out of another end. 

Hella nope. I sent the one in the sink down the drain and doused the damned ring with brake clean and tossed the lot outside on the deck. These things are staying outside and I’ll clean them with the hose instead. 

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I love old car commercials. This one being one of the most memorable making me yell "It's a Saturn!" as a youngin' every time I saw a Saturn. 



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https://www.dodge.com.mx/modelos/neon-2018/ Had no idea the Dodge Neon was brought back for Mexican Markets. Wow... 

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