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The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

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Starting a new business with an old friend. He currently owns and operates a small auto repair shop in south Austin. His current location is too small to meet demand so he has been wanting to expand.

Finally looking at a job "upgrade", at least for me. Got a conditional job offer from O'Reilly Auto Parts making considerably more than what I do now at Zaxby's with the added potential of being able

Its a rental car, remember it gets the piss beat out of it... Don't be gentle its a rental.

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Looks like the Threshold update will be a new version of Windows instead. Windows 9, of course. We'll see one more update to Windows 8.1 (just an update, not an 8.2 boost) and then April 2015 is pegged as the Win 9 ship date.

Sadly, they could reship Windows 8.1 with a few UI tweaks, call it Windows 9, and most consumers would think it was the greatest OS ever. Just like Vista, the name "Windows 8" is now tainted in people's minds (unjustly with 8.1's changes, IMO).

As it is, that's about all that's expected to happen-you'll run Metro apps in a window on the standard Desktop with a standard Start Menu.

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XBox Live can give them money!!! :P

Or, the Government can give them money, since the Government loves to just give money away :lol:

Also, why can't Microsoft ever make condoms?

Because nobody wants the words Micro, or Soft, associated with ***** :rofl:

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Check this out. http://www.3dcarbon.com/style_kits.asp?ID=41&l1=0&l2=2&l3=15&l4=36

They have a nice kit for the focus as well.

Wonder if this Milan kit would fit the sable? http://www.3dcarbon.com/style_kits.asp?ID=49&l1=0&l2=7&l3=25&l4=48

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That doesn't look too bad, kinda dresses up an otherwise dowdy look IMO. Not my choice in wheels, of course that could easily be changed.

Agreed, I stumbled on the site, and although I'm not a huge fan of body kits these are kinda nice.

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Do not buy...you or anyone else do not want to endure the suffering.  For unspecific reasons I am actually selling mine.


Is my family the only happy owners of this generation Explorer? Why are you selling yours, Trace? On a random note, the black plastic trim underneath the rear glass on our Explorer finally cracked. It was only a matter of time; it's a notorious problem.





As someone who completed a 4 hour drive in the dark tonight....
Also, shout out to the bimbo in the Honda Odyssey who was driving down the ramp onto the freeway without her headlights on. Apparently oncoming traffic flashing their high beams frantically doesn't mean anything. 
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I know someone who didn't know how to operate her lights so she just held her high beams on or just turned them on or something. it was retarded! She had done it for years and I showed her how to turn her headlights on!

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Got a tool chest today. Needed one for a while. Very very very cheap. $80 at walmart. It's ball bearing slides and actually fairly sturdy for how flimsy it really is. For the price man it's awesome! I'm so organized now!!!!!



My closet after moving some things around to fit the new tool chest. It's amazing how removing 1 box and moving a lot of stuff around yielded so much more space!



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Is my family the only happy owners of this generation Explorer? Why are you selling yours, Trace? On a random note, the black plastic trim underneath the rear glass on our Explorer finally cracked. It was only a matter of time; it's a notorious problem.




My friend MaryAnne bought a brand new '02 XLT V-6 4X4 on my recommendation. She loved it, but sadly, a fire took it's life at just 80K miles. It had been absolutely problem free up until that point, and I had done all if it's oil changes up to that point, lol, so it's fair to say I knew it well. She used it to pull a small camper. She said you could feel the weight but the vehicle wasn't overwhelmed by it.


It left such a positive impression that she bought a 2005 Five Hundred SEL (2wd, 6-speed) afterwards. It now has 95K miles, it's not doing very well. It's parked, and she now drives a (dear Lord help her) 2008 Nissan Versa as a commuter "to keep from running up miles on it". The Five Hundred has acquired sentimental value along the way, and has scrapes and minor dents to prove it. 


I drove it this past summer. What a sharp contrast it was to my parent's '12. I mean, for example, the lay out of the message center info buttons, etc was so new and fresh when she bought it, it looks decidedly old-tech now compared to the Taurus' placement high on the center stack (and much more intuitive system). I much-prefer the Taurus' wiper control location, a Taurus trait I hoped would be carried over when they changed the name in '08, thankfully it was. But, the separate turn signal and wiper stalks (left and right) give the upper dash of the Five Hundred a very European look. You can really "sense" the Volvoness of it. The center stack is typical Volvo, without replicating the S80 exactly.


I took it on a drive, the ABS and Traction control warning lamps were on. I had to jump it off the Aerostar, so the dead battery (holds 0 charge) may have been ****** with it. I am suprised at how quick it is compared to the Taurus. I mean, the Taurus is faster, but the Five Hundred feels pretty quick, maybe because it's louder? I don't know why, but it isn't as gutless as critics claimed. I say that now having extensive experience with a 3.5L D3 car and I thought so the day she brought it home from the dealership. There was no hesitation from the Duratec, nor the 6-speed. It shifted well and gave flawless power delivery when I did a sudden WOT.


She said she felt "safe" in the Five Hundred, and I can't blame her. It's like a tank, but so is the Taurus of course. The Taurus feels bulkier, but not so much so as that it's bad for it. I mean, the D3 is hardly a handling marvel but it does well for what it is. I guess you could say the Taurus feels more planted, but that's probably because of the weight. 


Here it is, pulled out into the sunlight for the first time in 2013, and to my knowledge, it hasn't been out since. :(


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