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Giving Up On The Mesh Grill Idea.

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Well, after having such a good year last year with the old gutter guard mesh grill, I figured its time to step it up once again to match the other mods I have been working on. So out with the old gutter guard grill and in with the new......

First I had to modify my plastic grill (do get the look I really wanted but not needed) I had to cut up and thin down the honey comb in my grll, here is whats left of the original grill.


So, the new grill is a polished aluminum bar design I found on line. I have been looking at these for some time, but never was ready to jump at them just becasue of the cost compaired to the gutter guard grill. I cut the plastic grill to remove as much as possible of the plastic so it wouldnt be seen as easy through the new grill, I also cut the thickness down in half to pull the new grill into the opening a little better. Here is the new grill.


And now for some pics on the car, the new look. Please forgive me because the car is still dirty and hasnt had its spring bath yet.




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Honestly I liked your mesh grill better. I was going to get that Billet grill when I first bought my car, but a lot of the guys on the old thread told me it looked ricey. I think it looks good, but for some reason I liked your mesh grill better...but as long as you like it then yay! :)

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Guest Sabaka

Spring bath?? Mine gets rinsed off and dried every other day. Since it is never out in inclement weather, it never has to be washed. Just gets a little dusty in the garage.

The new grill looks nice. I did like the other better.

At least you're not putting an air scoop on the roof.

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THANKS for the input already. Fear not, I still have a stack of mesh grills in stock..LOL.. and another plastic grill also. I have enough spair parts laying around to mod 1 or 2 more gen4's..LOL. I may go back to a mesh sometime, but I am looking for something other than gutter guard. Thats one reason I went with this grill, becasue I couldnt find the material I want in a stainless steel or aluminum mesh as a reasonable price.

As for the roof scoop............ I know I have been hit in the head a few to many times, but NEVER that hard...LOL. Funny thing, it was brought up last summer at a show to cover over the roof rack and make that into a big air scoop. No F'in way would that happen.

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Me Likey. Been wantinc to do that to mine for some time now.

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