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lmao [email protected]!

Dude, that stuff is dangerous DELICIOUS! The egg nog extinguishes any fire taste that the alcohol has, so you'll end up consuming eleventy-three of them without thinking about it. Next thing you kno

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The fridge is currently stocked with Shiner Dortmunder (seasonal spring ale). Good stuff. Light and crisp. Last week I finished off a case of Sam Adams Winter Lager. Also good.

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New one I "Invented" a minute ago... Which Remains Un-named at the moment... Suggestions?

Here is what you need

Faygo Pineapple Soda 24 oz Bottle

Captain Morgan 100proof

Frosty Mug (16 oz)

Here is what you do Fill mug 3/4 or so with Soda and add Cap'n to suit your tastes

It is very Sweet (slightly tropical but totally not gay!) and totally brings out Flavor but not the alcohol burn of the Rum

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I got one to add that nobody else has mentioned yet.It is called Summer Shandy by Leinenkugels. It is available all year,so from April-August is the only time you can get it.

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So now that I am of leagal drinking age, and no longer have to rely on my buyer to purcha... well i am self supplying now LOL.

I prefer Michelob golden light, and this german beer i found called Warstiener (pronounced VOR-schtiener).

Heading to a few clubs and such tonight so i will have a vast selection to try from!! any suggestions?

$had3 :ford::merc::Shady_J:

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