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Car Gps Model Recommendation

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I am looking for a recommendation for a GPS that I can use in my car or tranfser to my wifes car as needed.

I am looking for a Garmin, TomTom, or Magellan model recommendation.

I have read the amazon user reviews about the bad service of Garmin, but I wanted to hear from owners of this forum, what they are using and what they like and disklike about their particular model.

I am looking for 4.3 inch screen, ease of use, lock on satellites quickly, text to speech that actually announces the road name, fast processor so screens are not jerky, and lane change. No traffic, bluetooth, or other bells and whistles are needed.

Thank You in advance!

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I have an older Garmin... it's like a 250 model I think, it has touch screen, smaller... I think it was the least expensive offered at the time. It works well. User friendly. I was at Best Buy the other day and checked out the newer equivalent models. They are just as user friendly but the processors are much faster. The salesman informed me that Garmins with an "M" in the last part of the model number indicates free lifetime map updates. My old one requires $40 or so to update the maps from Garmin's website. The model I looked at was a 1300LM i think.

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I've got an older model TomTom that I really like. Easy to use. Maps etc can be updated online. I like that I can upload locations of favorite places like gas stations, Walmart, AAA, Cracker Barrel, that I use when I'm on road trips. My favorite - "where am I ?" feature because I'm known for getting lost when out wandering around back roads.

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Oh! heh The word Cracker can be a racial slur but i doubt it would be used here. I'll remove it off the list.


Its been removed!


ON a side note my Mother has a Magellan road mate. Its prefect for my parents. All the AAA features and lane assist are great features of it. it also has one touch destinations. That was a big thing i used when i went on vacation. Its great!

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I have a TomTom One 130 that's a couple of years old and it works great. Like my Taurus, it has a few nonstandard, uh.....modifications.

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I have a Navigon 5100max with a 4.3" screen. It has lifetime free real time traffic, reality view, spoken street names, direct help and bluetooth. They are available from various sellers but not available from Navigon here in the states anymore, but the traffic and updates still are and always will be as I called and asked about it. Any way just my 2 cents.

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I suggest looking at what they have and what is in your pricerange. go online and look at reviews for each device and go from there. Keep in mind that you can visit a torrent site and freely 'upgrade' your device with the latest maps (not legal) but it works. I updated my co-workers garmin maps "freely" before and it's quite simple.. but besides the point I've used TomTom before and it's a great system.

Now I just use the Google Navigation Beta software on my Android and it's IMO better than the $50+ GPS units they have.

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My kids got me a tomtom 350XL i think.

It's pretty damn good and it has been correct so far.

Of course any construction that is less than six months old doesn't get on there.

For 70 bucks or whatever it cost, I actually like it.

I bought an extra power cord and mounting bracket so I only have to change the actual device.



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Garmin nuvi 2595 LMT good item and reasonably priced $130 at Costco. I know you said you were looking for a 4.3 inch screen, but I think once you get used to a 5 inch screen it will grow on you. The 5 inch screen is functional but obtrusive. This model has Bluetooth, Lifetime Maps/Traffic. Whatever model you go with look for the LMT designation. Lifetime map upgrades and traffic.

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My Tom Tom 1-XL in pathetic. I keep it out of spite.

Touch screen only works with a stylus. Sometimes with a finger, but not reliable. Jumps to a new menu.

I program it on the computer, very slow, always need to update and see ads for more stuff before I can use it on the computer.

Cannot use GPS with sound, and use mostly for how many miles to the next stop or exit, and sometimes which lane to be in to make a turn. Too bright at night, too dim in daylight.

But I use MS Streets and trips '05 but have '10 but hate '10 due to the horrible menus. Just color and icons. And the maps are the same as '05 99.9% of them. No reason to change to DOUBLE UGLY '10. But others might like the black background. Not me.


Then I use the travl plan, copy and paste to XL speadsheet and condense, re do font and size, and this for my son in part of his today trip.


Examples. My son does not use GPS.


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Lol, I know this is an ancient thread, but why not add what I use for GPS....

Usually I just map it out on my phone and then figure out where I'm going and I'm good.

My Sable has the built in nav, and now that I finally ordered a new nav disc, the maps are updated! I can use the voice controls to tell it where I want to go which is convenient Usually I know how to always get home, but if I don't!

Personally I find handheld GPS units worthless. They are bulky and annoying to use and get stolen if you forget about it. Built in nav is okay, but honestly smartphone maps are the best. Constantly updated and QUICK to type in an address or look at a map.

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