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Found 7 results

  1. My 2004 SES recently showed this warning light/buzzer after driving about 20 highway miles - no other symptoms. I checked fluid level and found it very low; filled w/Mercon V into hatched area per instruction manual. No issues until a few days ago, when it showed the same warning on a 1.5 hr highway trip. I bought this car used at 102K and it now has 192K. I haven't changed the trans fluid or filter, & don't know the car's previous history. The fluid on the dipstick doesn't look black or smell bad. Car shifts well and shows no trans issues besides the warning light. After this latest incident I got zero codes listed when I checked with my Bluetooth OBD-II reader. Questions: Could a clogged trans filter, by itself, trigger the warning light? Do trans codes show only on a pro-level OBD-II reader, or can I trust my reader's output? Should I have the pan dropped and replace fluid/filter ASAP, then continue to replace more fluid every few thousand miles? Any other advice? [cross-posted at TCCA site]
  2. Mercury Sable 2008 I have a noticed an occasional knock when I accelerate round about where overdrive kicks in. Doesn't happen if OD disabled. I was concerned it was the transmission, but I found a video on Youtube suggesting that it's really a engine misfire due to the plugs. This sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing. Anyone else had this issue?
  3. My 2005 Sable has 130000 miles and has been great. However, for a few months it has started to jump (hiccough?) as the car moves from zero to 10 mph and 2000 revs. It only happens occasionally but is annoying. Does anyone have the same problem? We have had a transmission job done and that worked for a year. Nothing shows up on diagnostics.
  4. Just a few pics of how I suspended my DOHC with a come-a-long to the rafter in my garage. The pic of the strap under the engine should go thru the mount, not around it. If you go through the mount, it does not twist on the transmission for reinstall. Other than that, route the strap between electric lines, sensors, etc...worked perfect.
  5. 1998 3.0 12v with AX4N, 180kmi. Symptom: Starts out in first, but if you go fast enough to shift into 2nd or higher and then slow down enough to shift into 1st again, you get neutral. The only way to get rolling again is to move shifter to R, wait for reverse to engage, and then shift back into OD. This happens every time you slow down or stop, it's not intermittent at all. There is one other issue, possibly unrelated: occasional harsh shift from 1st to 2nd. What could fail that would prevent downshift from 2-1, but not prevent shift from R-1?
  6. I want to change the transmission fluid & filter on my 1992 Sable. What is the correct transmission fluid to use? How many quarts? Is Mercon V used in ALL Ford automatics? How do I identify the model of transmission so I can buy the correct filter?
  7. My 97 Taurus GL Vulcan with 212k and AX4N trans has an issue. Bought the car with 180k and immediately changed fluid/filter because the fluid was brown. Anyways, the torque converter will not lock in 4th gear until 59mph, and if you slow down to 54mph or slower the TC unlocks.. It WILL lock at 45-50mph if i'm in 3rd gear though. Warm fluid or hot fluid doesn't matter. Could it be as simple as the TC solenoid?
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