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Found 1 result

  1. Well, the day has come, your beloved power antenna has stopped working. Although the service has been performed to a Thunderbird Antenna Module, this write up is intended to help diagnose and guide repairing the Taurus. I will be adding to this as I expand on this. The Thunderbird and Taurus antennas are very similar. The only difference is the top where it'd mount to the fender. The bottom half however, is the same, and this is what needs to be addressed. Removing from your car is quite simple. Remove the top nut, either be very careful and use needle nose pliers, or buy the tool from O'Reilly Auto Parts. On Gen 1 and 2 Taurus/Sables (And Thunderbirds...), it'll help to remove the front passenger tire, and the fender liner. From there you can remove the bolts that hold the antenna to the frame. Then it should just pop out. On Gen 3 Sedans, it's all in the trunk. Gen 3 and 4 Wagons, Gotta find the brackets behind the plastic, and remove. Gen 4 Sedans... Well, this is only doable if you add it manually, so hopefully you can figure it out. But it's quite the same as a Gen 3 Gen 5+? Where's your luxurious power antennas?!?! No class from you... Anyway, once removed from your vehicle, on Gen 1/2's, you simply have 1 bolt that holds the case together. Mine was a 7 MM bolt. Be careful to make sure it comes off easily. Might help to spray PB Blaster first. After that, on Gen 1 and 2, you will see this: Note the washer on top of the plastic guide for the antenna mast track. Carefully remove both (Note, it helps to have the antenna erect, otherwise you'll have a ton of track spring out at you! Erect it before you unhook the electrical harness and it is free from the fender or trunk, if it won't erect... Keep going) On Gen 1, 2, and Thunderbirds... To remove the mast, loosen this screw, then pull up on the metal tube that holds the antenna. The antenna slides out from the bottom. Once done, remove the plastic shield. This is what takes the mast track, passes it by the gears, then moves it up into the plastic storage area when it is down. Note on the bottom right, there is a little roller that helps pass the track up past the bend. Do not lose this. I always make note of which cog or anything is. Now I begin my inspection... Uh oh... Mine failed inspection for the Thunderbird... This means there is debris inside... Anytime the antenna does not work right, you will want to thoroughly clean it out. Although my antenna was going up and down when bench tested... One missing tooth could get worse. Well... Let's move on shall we? Now to remove the big piece. This is what that broken cog will turn, and actually, the bottom gear is attached via a spring mechanism, this will stop before the antenna stops. This is to prevent damage to the motor by not directly driving the antenna. Also makes it so the antenna flows smoothly. The top gear is what the antenna mast is driven by. Remove the E clip, this is a pain in the neck, but it's doable. Do not lose this. This thing comes apart too, and it isn't complicated. When you separate it. You'll notice the bottom has a little gasket. Make sure it don't come off. The notch in the top piece, that slips between the two springs. This all comes apart! (Edit about the last two pictures... Ignore the little gear on top for now. If you're following step by step, yours is still installed) Almost there... You are left with this: Gross... Next, to remove everything is to remove the motor. There are two Philips screws on the top of the motor. Undo them. Carefully lift up, there are two pieces to the motor, one being the housing with magnets, and the other being the base of the motor. Lift both out, you'll see the gear lift out. Remove both 1 and 2 together. The piece outlined toward the bottom right, that is a plastic guide. This helps support the mast cable between. It only fits in one way. Remove this metal guide, this fits in two ways, but the other way the gear won't face the motor, so make sure you insert it right so you don't need to undo things later. Finally... You can remove the last gear. I would strongly encourage cleaning all the grease out, and when reassembling, add fresh White Lithium grease everywhere. Don't add too much, but add a nice liberal amount. Mine was brown because of rust. On mine I sanded off the center post (for the T-Bird) and put some POR-15 on it.
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