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Found 3 results

  1. I was looking to get a pushbar installed but the active grill shutter is in the way of the installation. Would I be able to remove it without having the check engine light pop up? Or even take the motor out of the grill shutter and leave it plugged in so I can then remove the shutter system itself?
  2. I been looking for the longest lasting priced good quick srtuts. I've found to brands i like monroe and moog right now there on sale on Amazon.com I know the monroe econ-struts are not good but there top line the sensa track I hear are good (part number 171616). Those are the ones i'm leaning on right now. On the other hand Moog has thier top line for 62% off but it sounds too good to be true. was going to perchase tomorrow. if anybody has intell on what to buy and what not to buy I'd like to know. thanks monroe link : http://www.amazon.com/Monroe-171616-Quick-Strut-Complete-Asse
  3. To make a long story short I have just traded my Bronco for a black 2001 Ford Taurus it's a great car. The interior I didn’t really like all grey bland seats so I went to the local junk yard and picked up some really nice seats out of a Sable. Here is where my trouble begins I removed the rear and the passenger seat with no problem but the driver’s seat was powered so I needed to go get a jumper box to move it to get the last bolt out. On my return to the junk yard they crushed the car even though they knew I was coming back for the last seat. They told me they give the man in the back free ra
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