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Found 2 results

  1. It's been a few years since I've logged in here, but am looking for some insight. I no longer have my 2004 Taurus (was tough to let it go), and now have a 2016 Fusion. My 12V battery recently died and I had to have it replaced. It was the original battery for the car, which has been in service for just under two and a half years. The OEM battery is the Motorcraft Tough Max battery, which has a three year warranty. My dealer told me that a replacement would not be covered because my bumper to bumper warranty expired based on mileage. I was also told that if I'd purchased the battery separate from the car, it would have been covered for three years under the battery's warranty, which wouldn't have a mileage component. It seems to me that if the battery has its own warranty coverage, car's warranty wouldn't supersede it. Does this make sense? Has anyone else dealt with this?
  2. 2000 taurus wagon with the flex fuel vin 2 3.0L. so i have a new problem, the car started acting funny. it started dieseling on me and wanting to die (it did in fact do so). and the dash was going weird, like the car was turning on and off. i got it started after it died and drove home (about a mile or so), it acted like nothing was wrong. pulled into the driveway and after turning off the key. no power, everything dead......except for the theft deterrent flashing on and off like it does when the car is off. is it a battery/alternator problem or is it the theft deterrent messing with the car? (i will say after putting the suspension back together, the car drives straight, but the steering wheel is cocked to one side could this mess with the theft deterrent?) any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated . thanks
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