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Found 4 results

  1. For the record, this is a full copy of my original build from TCCA that I am bringing over here after talking to Bull Geek at the October Meet, so here it is from the get go: For $500 I saved this 89K Mile car from the scrapyard. The last few years is when it started racking up miles by the son after his mother passed. Those were rough years. This is how it generally sits in the garage: Well optioned for a '89 compared to my well optioned '97 Grand Marquis, except the latter is in much better condition right now. It even has digi-dash, but System Scanner has seen its way out, or maybe just its back light (camera decided it didn't want to steady out). So the battery died. I jumped it off and got it out of the garage and washed it. The previous owner knocked the passenger side trim off and put it back on. With wood screws. So my friend and I removed all of the trim except for the front 'SABLE' trim pieces. My feelings about this, but by the end this should be completely different once it starts running and looking better. One of the first fixes that needs to be performed right up next to the head gasket is this wonderful repair after a fender bender. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. A shop actually charged to do that. WTF. So this is my laundry list of things that should appear on this project thread: -Repair head gasket. -Repair front clip with junkyard clip. -Replace hood. -Replace all front headlamp and parklamp assemblies. -Replace all gas assist shocks under hood, tailgate, and glass. -Attempt to repair System Scanner on digital dash. -Repair EATC screen. -Repair rear windshield wiper; currently non-functional (fuse?) -Get seat covers. -New battery. -New shocks. -Get proper lug nuts to replace the busted off locking nuts. Things I might do: -Replace A/C Compressor and get belt for A/C. I have all summer to work on this after school gets out and what I make at my part time job usually accumulates fast enough to do most of this in a reasonable amount of time. The Grand Marquis doesn't drink as much gas as most people think, so not all of money goes into its tank, so it means more parts for the Sable and a few mods for itself.
  2. Hi all, I'm brand new here and I'm in need of some of your guy's expertise! I've got a 1999 Mercury Sable, 3.0 DOHC, and it's gushing power steering fluid out of the high pressure line that runs from the pump, behind the back of the motor, to the rack and pinion. I'm just going to replace the line, but I'm looking for the best way to do that. I really don't want to drop the subframe, so I'm hoping there is a way to do it without dropping it. Any input is appreciated!! Also, my apologies for posting this in the 2010 section, I wasn't paying attention. This is a re-post in the correct section.
  3. Bull geek suggested removing wiper arms/upper cowl/wiper motor assembly/lower cowl to undo power steering hoses at the rack and pinion..... well....i was fighting endlessly to remove my rack and pinion without lowering sub frame because of all the horror stories of broken bolts...i was able to get the racks 2 main bolts completely out working from the bottom and thru the wheel wells(took some twisting prying and huffing and puffing). ....my problem was i could not get to the power steering lines or to the power steering hose clamp bolts without lowering the sub frame. .....so thank god i stumbled across Bull Geeks post on going in from the top....plenty of room to reach all the lines and clamp bolts at the rack that way!!! ....havent slid the rack out yet...but it looks like it will go without dropping sub frame...gonna try tomorrow. hope this info helps someone. .......Bull Geek ,you are a wise man!,thx!!!
  4. Can anyone help? I have a 2003 Mercury Sable. Yesterday the engine began running very rough and the check engine light began flashing. I had a shop read the OBD II codes, and got 3 different ones, P0301, P0316, and P0351. I've done some reading and from what I've been able to understand, if it is a coil problem, then more than 1 cylinder would have a misfire since the coil runs 2 spark plugs. The plugs and wires are less than a year old, I replaced them about 8 months ago. I also had the injectors cleaned about the same time. What should I look at as the most likely culprit?
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