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Found 4 results

  1. With the parking brake warning light in the far right hand side of the dash cluster and somewhat blocked by the gear shift handle, I sometimes (sometimes more than sometimes) forget to release the parking brake. I would like to modify the wiring so that the chime that sounds when the door is not shut also sounds when the parking brake is set. I am comfortable making minor to mid-range repairs and mods. The closest thing I could find on YouTube is how to do something like this on a Kubota tractor. Can someone point me in the right direction about how to do this on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE? Thank
  2. Hey guys My 03 bull's third brake light has a dead led Any idea on how I could fix this without going all out and replacing the unit? Thanks
  3. There is a leak in the ABS system on my 1992 Sable (3.0 Vulcan). There is a sort of junction block on the inner fender, driver's side, with 6 metal tubes leading to it. Two of them connect to the master cylinder & the others were traced to the wheel cylinders. When I fill the master cylinder & depress the brake pedal (after recapping the master cylinder), the fluid leaks out at this block where some of the tubes are connected. The block itself does not appear cracked. Based on brake disc & shoe wear, only my driver's side front brake seems to be functioning, & both the Brake &
  4. Hey everyone, I'm back and sadly it is again because I need guidance with respect to Carro de Muerte. Overall everything is running well, except that when I step on the brake pedal it goes down really easily (compared to how it behaved in the past) this is accompanied by a longer braking time(still stops though and pumping 2 or 3 times helps), and a hissing noise like air mattress of inflatable thing is being deflated, the reservoir is full and the fluid appears good. I did some research but I couldn't find anything exactly in line with my problem, from what I can get from t
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