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  1. The article posted with this one states this happened in 2012 and that the Troopers were suspended pending an investigation. It also states that San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs was somehow involved. However, the video has a recording date of 2010. Strange but still an awesome vid featuring some rockin' rides. http://video-embed.nj.com/services/player/bcpid619329501001?bctid=1579128180001&bckey=AQ~~%2CAAAAPLMIP6E~%2CBRrRHTAljlHNUYJqhl35zLecZpp8wkKm
  2. Yeah...guess I can't use this one for those weekend trips to Canada, Mexico, and those other two states! How far do you guys drive your bulls? Cheeze & Rice!
  3. Thought I'd share this deal in case some were in need and didn't catch it on SD. I've been in the market for a new portable and have no need for traffic so this was a no-brainer! Loses power in direct sun/heat so careful. Hope someone else can benefit. Description With a wide 4.3-inch, sunlight-readable TFT touchscreen, the Garmin nuvi 1300LM GPS receiver is easy to operate. The advanced ecoRoute technology in this Garmin GPS receiver tracks fuel usage and also helps in saving it by estimating a more fuel-efficient route. You can never get lost with the emergency locator feature in t
  4. I feel ya' on the kids. They do keep one occupied. In a great way that is! I'll shoot you a friends request dude. I'm not on as much as my Son due to his practice schedule but I'd love to play. Any chance you play BF3 or Halo CE Anniversary? Lately it seems BF3 steals a ton of my time so I'd be up for some REACH either way! LzzrdBoy on XBOX Live.
  5. Won't embed (Liveleak) but Grandma' has got quite a mouth on her! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=974_1328623604
  6. Cool! Added me-self! LzzrdBoy (just up the road from BullGeek).
  7. I'm always on the hunt for a good freelance graphix guy. Do you have a site? Portfolio? Maybe I can send some biz your way! Unless it truly is a hobby in which case you can just design my stuff for free right?
  8. Very Nice! I used to have hobbies like that. Then came marriage! Love the video game stuff bro! My son is an amateur aspiring MLG Halo: REACH player. He's not quite as heavy into the programming as of yet but I'm working on him. His passion for all things hardware/software is coming into its own slowly but surely. For now, he's content to practice his arse off with the hopes of making it on a sponsored team some day. One of our friends is a Pro Player and he loves to fill Tyler's head with visions of $ and Free gaming gear. I myself am fairly heavy into BF3 on the 360 so shoot me a
  9. I've been around a few years and as a result, have been lucky enough to experience all types of setups and configurations during those years. It's very true to that you don't need to spend $ money on more power/power handling if you have no desire or need for it to begin with. My suggestion was merely based on the fact that a unit capable of handling a little more power may be a more viable option over the long haul. I would never recommend anyone go out and spend a ton of $ on JL or any other manufacturer/product unless that person intended to do something which would warrant such a recomm
  10. Once again, even on this board, opinions are obviously not permitted. Thanks for the reminder!
  11. WOW! You must have some sort of connection... Mine was accepted immediately but don't expect to see a DD until the 8th at the earliest. Have fun spending that $! LOL! I'll take a 2000 SE Starter!!!
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