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  1. Well I have started making a list of repairs for my LaCrosse. This past month has been fun... 1) Right before the memorial day weekend, I was getting the car loaded for my fiancee and I to go visit her folks, I go to put a couple things in the backseat, so I hit the unlock button on my keyfob, and nothing, neither rear door and the front passenger door unlocked, only the driver door unlocked. Checked both door lock switches on the front doors, nothing. Checked the other keyfob, nothing. The next day, the car fully unlocked first thing in the morning, but as the day went on the locks would either work, or not work. Ended up having the dealer check the system, since it had to get another recall done, and those 3 door lock actuators are shot, for the dealer to do it would cost almost $900! I did more research, and GM and their infinite wisdom, used a metal gear against a plastic gear for the internals of actuator, and they are a common failure on my generation LaCrosse, with failures as early as 2k miles and a year off the assembly line, as well as some other GM products as well... Talk about WTF... 2) Well last Thursday, a bunch of heavy rainstorms came through the Akron area, caused a lot of flash flooding. My mom and I were out running errands in my LaCrosse, we ended up having to take an extended detour as well as some fording, because a lot of roads had a lot of standing water, as well as some of the drains were puking water back onto the streets instead of draining it away. I had to call on the Buick's roots to wade through some of the worse areas, the car made it through like a champ, but it was nail-biting at times in general. I had figured, if a Toyota Corolla had forded the water and made it through, then so can I... After the rain ended, I checked the front lights, air intake and a couple other areas I thought water could get into and possibly cause problems in those areas, and the only problem that showed up was I lost the low-tone on the horn. I figure I got off lucky if the car had to have any issues, I'd rather lose one of the horns then the engine or something else. Other than all that, the car is running like a champ, it is currently sitting around 37k on it.
  2. Well this winter, even though it was a milder one around here, was rough on my car. Last weekend, I noticed am extremely small bubble in the sidewall of my front passenger tire, which surprised me, because the steering doesn't shake at speed and the car is tracking straight. Still, I'm going to look for my paperwork on the front tires, the 2 front ones were replaced last year for the same reason. Hopefully they are covered, but if not, I am not putting those tires, Goodyear Eagle LS-2s, on that car again. They are complete garbage, the car is so jittery and highway speeds that it is not funny, The car has had the alignment checked and it tracks perfect, it just feels like I even breathe on the steering wheel, the car tries to change direction. if the tires don't fix it, I'll be getting rid of it sooner than I had originally planned.
  3. Well replaced the air filter in the car, and comparing the 2 filters, it needed replacing. For some reason it will not let me upload the picture, even though the size is well under the 1MB limit.
  4. Holy crap Devin, Sorry to see that happened to your car, what happened?
  5. Went ahead and picked up an Air Filter for my LaCrosse, going to maybe install that later today, I had it apart yesterday and while the old filter is not very dirty.it appeared to be the original filter from when it rolled across the assembly line in 2008, so even though the car has only 34k miles, i'm going to replace it anyway. I am also going to pull a couple spark plugs as well just to check their gap and overall condition, because I'm pretty sure they are original to the car as well.
  6. I posted in the Dang Near Anything thread a little while ago and decided that I should also stick my head in here and re-introduce myself, since I have re-found the TSOC. I'm Rob aka Turbosax, former member of TCCA when the split happened, and I had a 95 Taurus SE for awhile. Since the split a lot of things have been going on. I graduated from college, found a job that wasn't in my field but at least it was something, got engaged, went back to school and got a more useful education and am now looking for a job yet again. Car History In 2008 the rust was really starting to take her, so I had traded it in for a 2002 Buick LeSabre that had 64k on the clock, that whole story is maybe buried somewhere in TCCA archives, if at all. We still have that car, it is now my dad's and it has almost 160k on it and runs like a top, even with the interior starting to fall apart... In early 2015, my at the time girlfriend's (now fiancee) grandparents were looking at getting rid of their cars and consolidating, and I was given an offer I couldn't refuse. Their 2008 LaCrosse CXL with under 10k on the clock for 10 grand. I got the money together and picked it up and sold my folks the LeSabre so they could retire the conversion van we had. This is the car when I picked it up August 2014. Even with having a family of Buicks at the moment, my folks and I still love our Ford's and I am eyeing either an Escape or Fusion to replace the LaCrosse in a couple years. Fiancee's family is from Sandusky area, so why not stop for a quick photo near the ever so lovely Cedar Point? old and new
  7. Well... Hello Everyone. I was going through my bookmarks, and saw that somehow over the years, I still had the bookmark here, and with a little brain-smacking, I remembered the credentials to log in. It is nice to see that this place is still going, I see a lot of familiar faces, some new.
  8. First off, I am not defending the truck driver at all. But talking as a bus driver with a Class B CDL. Yes the woman died, and that is horrible, my sympathy goes out to her family for their loss. But from the reading, the trucker is not FULLY at fault here, there are several factors here. 1) These rigs have a s**t-ton of mirrors so they can see their blind spots, however they still are not covered 100%. If she was in one of those blind spots when he merged over, there would be no way in hell he could see her. A shoulder check admittedly could help, though there is no mention of whether he checked or not. 2) The freeway in question is narrow, according to comments on the article, leaving a small margin of error in the first place, so if she saw the truck coming over, which I'm going to guess she did, she couldn't go onto the berm to stay out of the way. 3) She most likely saw the rig start coming over, why didn't she stand on her brakes? Personally if I saw a truck merging into the lane I'm in, I'd stand on the brakes and risk getting rear ended by another car... 4) The last two are under the assumption she saw the truck come over, if she did not, what was she doing to distract her from watching the road? We can only speculate as to what happened, especially since we were not there. The people here that are saying the trucker should go to jail, lose his license, etc. Again, you do not know the full circumstances, neither do I however, he has to live with the fact he killed someone for the rest of his life. The police will investigate the accident and determine if the trucker will be charged. More than likely, both truckers will lose their jobs, depending on their companies policies when it comes to accidents. The one that hit the woman into the divider will most likely have a black mark as well on his work record to where practically no one will hire him. Yes there are truckers and bus drivers that are complete d***he-bags, I've dealt with them, but 90% of the time, they are very courteous, especially if you are courteous to them as well. Cars are usually the ones that are not courteous on the road when it comes to truckers as well as bus drivers. 95% of the accidents with my company where a car and a bus are involved, the car caused the accident because they cut the bus off, or did not give them the room they need to stop or maneuver.
  9. When I lived in one of the counties in OH that required emissions testing, e-check, the facility we went to drove all 2wd vehicles, no matter if it was OBD 1 or 2. Because put my 02 LeSabre on the rollers after I bought it, as well as our 97 E150 always was driven on the rollers too. And depending on which bay you pulled into, when it was put on the rollers, they either went nice and easy or flogged the hell out of the car. When we first moved back to Ohio, my dad was getting our 95 Escort e-checked and the car in front of ours, which was an mid 80s t-bird, blew up on the rollers, the engine was screaming for mercy then it made a loud bang, shuddered and stopped. They put the Escort in another bay and they flogged the hell out of that car, and my dad told them that if our car blew up, there would be hell to pay... When they tested my 95 SE, they did not push the car really hard, just took it up to 25, held it and stopped, but when they tested my LeSabre, I heard the engine screaming for life. My dad also had his truck tested right before me and they didn't drive it as hard either and not as long as my car was on the rollers. I confronted him about it. Me: "Is there a specific reason why you are trashing my new car? He replied, "We aren't running the car that hard, chill out" Me: "Then why are you running the car up to redline and holding it there? I have had cars tested here before and they never were driven this hard, what did your tech do, lock the car in first like a total idiot?" HIm: "Well it is standard procedure." Before I could answer, my dad chimed in. Dad: "Well sir, that is bull, you didn't drive my car anywhere near as hard as his, and it wasn't on anywhere near as long. And I seriously doubt a 2002 Buick with 64k miles has more emission problems than a 1995 Dodge with 165K miles." Him: "We'll pull the car off now and finish testing." Me: "Good" Obviously the car passed with no issues, but they used almost an 1/8 of a tank of gas during it's run on the rollers.
  10. My friend has a 1995 SHO ATX with about 150K on the clock, has a problem that I cannot figure out, the car is up to date on maitenance. However I haven't been there when the problem occured Sometimes it will start, and other times it will just sit there and crank but never fire. From what she tells me, it tries to start but it just will not fire over. The car is getting fuel and spark, so I'm lost. If she lets the car sit after it not starting, usually a couple hours, it will then fire up like there was nothing wrong. Thanks in advance
  11. Yes sir, I had a 95 SE with the Vulcan as well as an AX4N. running great when i traded it in with over 128K miles.... and if it wasn't for rust I would still have it and have done some more work to it....
  12. very nice, I wish I was car shopping, because there are several nice CVs in my area. And with all the issues i've been having with my lesabre, it would be nice to get a solid car that has been and will be around for awhile.
  13. My work is split between about 22 2003-2007 Ford E-450 Cutaways as well as 17 2008-2009 Chevrolet Express Cutaways. We switched to the Chevrolets due to ongoing engine problems in the 04-06 Vans, mainly dealing with EGR and severe loss of power. The Chevrolets have also had engine issues, mainly them smoking, and dumping it into the bus, but also have had interior issues, such as broken driver seats, and every one of the Chevys has had a broken driver sun visor... One of the 2008 Chevys One of the 2006 Fords
  14. I saw this a couple days ago on the PBC forums, it is still amazing the kid lived. I don't feel real bad for him, because he was stupid and paid for it dearly, hopefully though he'll make a full recovery.
  15. Battle Hymn of the Republic - Canadian Brass from their Stars & Stripes album
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